Barry Duffy

Head of Marketing at Zendbox

Barry is driven by a passion for unlocking the growth potential of marketing teams, which has seen him build on more than 10 years of experience in B2B demand generation, product marketing, and business development.

Having worked in various start-up and corporate companies like the Financial Times and McGraw Hill, Barry is highly adept at aligning Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams towards a shared goal of generating the right leads in the right markets, and converting those leads into revenue.

With a solid background in SaaS, Barry has always sought out roles with game-changing companies that challenge industry norms and fundamentally alter the customer experience for the better, making Zendbox the perfect home for Barry.

He collaborates with various teams across the business to develop and drive multi-channel brand awareness campaigns that ensure Zendbox is front-of-mind for eCommerce business owners and other key stakeholders looking for a reliable 3PL fulfilment solution.

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