New Feature
Launched on
May 5, 2021

Greater management of returned orders

Our returns module in Zendportal has recently been updated to provide greater usability along with a host of features, giving you full visibility and control of your returned customer orders.

New Advanced Search functionality

Our returns module is the first part of Zendportal to benefit from the advanced search functionality. You can now quickly find details for returns by searching on one of; customer order reference, order tracking number, item SKU/title or customer info. This gives you the ability to either narrow down on a specific order return for customer service purposes or to get an overview of the level of returns for specific items to highlight where there may be batch issues etc.

Improved Return Details screen

Bring up the return details screen to see full information on what has been returned, the return reason, whether the item has been scrapped due to damage and whether the order has been re-sent.