New Feature
Launched on
February 10, 2022

Zendbox launches new Inventory Analysis tool in Zendportal

Zendbox has officially launched a new Inventory Analysis tool, designed to help online retailers boost sales, minimise stockouts, and improve cashflow with data-driven insights.

Built by eCommerce experts, the Inventory Analysis tool is available exclusively to all Zendbox partners on our dedicated fulfilment management platform, Zendportal.

The Inventory Analysis tool grants eCommerce businesses access to real-time data and insights about their products. This important information is presented in sleek, digestible widgets that retailers can use to avoid underselling or overselling products and, thus, maximise every sales opportunity online.

Highlights of Inventory Analysis include the ability to view the:

  • Sales performance for every product, including forecasted demand
  • Bestselling products by date range
  • Restocking products most in need of replenishment
  • Overstocked products that are above the ideal stock level
  • Product batch and expiry data for expired or soon-to-expire products