Shipping Update
Launched on
February 26, 2021

International Shipping Update

Zendbox is constantly working to ensure the most reliable delivery at the best possible rates. Please see below some recent actions that have been taken to ensure this, throughout the post-Brexit period.

Shipping rates

Shipping rates are changing as of March 1, 2021. Please see an explanation of the key changes below:

We have managed to secure some exclusively low rates on premium services with countries including Germany, Ireland, USA and France. This is a considerable reduction that does not compromise the service provided.

We are now also able to lower the Customs Handling Fee for any DDP shipment (applies to all EU member states), by 50p per shipment.

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and Brexit, there are increased processing requirements for shipping and an increased demand which means some rates have increased.

Magic Ship

The Zendbox Magic Ship technology uses automation and AI to continually evaluate hundreds of courier variables and select the most reliable service at the best prices. Since Brexit, we’ve updated MagicShip with an increased range of data points, it now includes (among others):

Courier performance
Time to deliver
Tracked service availability
Number of customer service tickets by carrier
Number of customer service tickets by country
Brexit issues including customs processing errors
Known issues with any last-mile courier

Therefore Magic Ship will continue to select accurate and reliable couriers, now enhanced with additional Brexit-related data. This will ensure your items are sent with couriers selected using intelligent information, for the highest chance of successful delivery.

Courier services where regular errors or customs border issues have occurred have been removed.


We have added FedEx Border Solutions to our trusted carrier panel. FedEx has an exceptional reputation as a global carrier, and we know they will be a great addition to maintain our high standards for delivering across the globe.

Technology enhancements

We have also rolled out further system updates to help with customs procedures. These technology improvements, such as the in-system auto-correction for zero value items and pre-export checks are critical to any future trading with EU member states.

With enhanced technology, and the use of alternative border clearance points, we have reduced post-Brexit shipping delivery speeds by 1—3 days.

Modifications on Incoterms

Many of our customers have asked about Incoterms in relation to different regions. As such, we have now updated our Incoterms for shipments. Please see them reflected below:

UK orders – No IncoTerms required
EU member states - Sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)
EU non-member states (Switzerland, Norway, Turkey) and Rest of World (including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are now sent DAP (Delivered Duty Unpaid)