General Update
Launched on
October 14, 2021

Announcing the new dashboard of the ZendPortal

The all-new Zendportal experience is here!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new version of the ZendPortal!

It’s now even easier to manage and control your orders. Here’s a quick overview of has changed.

New Dashboard and User Interface

We understand that as a business it is important for you to understand statistics about your performance. The dashboard gives you full visibility of your orders and any actions you may need to take.

You will be able to see:

  • Orders dispatched today vs Orders dispatched the previous day.
    For example, if you sent 8 orders today, and 5 orders yesterday, you will see a 60% increase displayed.

  • Orders dispatched this week vs Orders dispatched the previous week.
    For example, if you sent 50 orders this week, and 100 orders last week, you will see a -50% decrease displayed.

Giving you an amazing insight into your order performance.

New Quick Access Bar

You spoke and we listened! You can now easily navigate or identify where to take actions within the portal using the Quick Access Bar.

Easily take action on hot tasks:

  • Create Products.
  • Create Orders.
  • Hold / Cancel Orders.
  • Raise Transfers: Notify Zendbox of stock to expect.
  • Raise Ticket: This will take you directly to the support portal to quickly and easily raise a support ticket.
  • Track an order: This will take you directly to the processed order screen where you can track orders.


What are the benefits for you:

This new release gives users a better interface and puts the actions used the most right where they are needed.

The dashboard gives quick insights into your business performance and what actions you need to take.

Is it a default service?

Yes, the new user interface is already available to all Zendbox customers.

Does it cost extra?

No extra costs. The new dashboard is part of the continuous improvements we make at Zendbox, without extra costs.

What is coming up at Zendbox

We are committed to improving and refining our service to ensure your business provides a world-class service to your valuable customers.

We have a large number of brilliant, industry-leading features in our pipeline that we will share with you over the coming months.

Watch out for our next announcements!