Zendportal Roadmap

Many of Zendportal's upcoming new features grant you greater control, visibility and flexibility over the fulfilment journey. Here's a sneak peek of what you can look forward to...

Q1 2022
Optimise stock holding and profitability with Inventory Analysis

Our advanced Inventory Analysis tool in Zendportal gives you access to valuable data and insights about your product range. This information is presented in sleek, digestible widgets that you can leverage to make sound selling decisions that increase the profitability of your eCommerce business.
Learn more about Inventory Analysis

Feature highlights:

  • Sales performance widget where you can find KPIs

  • Bestselling items widget displaying your top 10 bestselling products

  • Restocking units widget showing products most in need of replenishment

  • Overstocked units widget showing products above your ideal stock level

  • Product batch and expiry data widget showing products closest to expiry / expired

Business impact:

Be proactive with promotions to prioritise the sale of overstocked / soon-to-expire products
Easily identify under or overstocked items to determine the right time to replenish stock
Optimise your stock holding for reduced storage costs and improved cashflow
Take control of your stock with Product & Channel Sync

You have the flexibility to link and unlink products across your sales channels via Zendportal. This feature ensures you retain maximum control over how your stock is managed and processed, so you can take advantage of every sales opportunity – no matter whether you sell via one or multiple channels.

Feature highlights:

  • Manually control stock available on your sales channels

  • Link / unlink products by eStore for more strategic selling

  • End online product listings at will to avoid under or overselling

  • Gain flexibility to maintain a buffer / safety stock for customer returns, exchanges, and more

Business impact:

Achieve more efficient multi-channel sales to maximise profits
Offer your customers the chance to pre-order new products
Reduce inventory holding costs and start selling your products without delay
Packaging analysis and restock made easy

Do you offer custom packaging? If so, you'll be able to use our innovative Packaging Analysis tool to review your custom packaging inventory to ensure it is never out of stock and orders continue to be packed as you desire. After all, dispatching orders with custom packaging means your customers benefit from the ultimate shopping experience, setting your brand apart from the competition.

Feature highlights:

  • View live, up-to-date stock levels of your custom packaging

  • Identify when your custom packaging is under or overstocked

  • Leverage forecasting to determine exactly when you need to replenish custom packaging stock

  • Identify what type of packaging is being utilised in order to plan production

Business impact:

Control your custom packaging stock levels exactly as you would with your products
Elevate the customer experience by ensuring custom packaging is used to pack every order
Improve the efficiency of custom packaging restock practices
Q2 2022
New open order view with order status information

You'll no longer have to open multiple windows to find out the status of your orders and where they are within the fulfilment process! With a new and improved user interface, you will be able to check the status of all open orders from a single window for a quicker and more seamless experience on Zendportal.


Feature highlights:

  • Easily filter through orders by status

  • A complete birds-eye view of both open and processed orders

  • Choose whether to upgrade the service on an order from one window

  • Automatic notifications to take action for orders ready to process

  • View the estimated dispatch date from our centre(s) and the estimated delivery date to your customer for every order

Business impact:

Save time (and the headache) of searching for orders
Stay abreast of any changes in the fulfilment process for each order
Retain peace-of-mind knowing when an order will be dispatched and delivered, and keep your customers updated as a result
Automatic dispatch / delivery date estimation

Wondering when each order will be dispatched and delivered by? With advanced calculations based on order specifics such as destination and shipping service type, you will be able to view the exact date you can expect orders to be dispatched from our fulfilment centre(s), giving you an accurate estimated delivery date to your customer.

Feature highlights:

  • Clear overview of all orders ready to be dispatched

  • Determine the country-specific estimated delivery date for all open orders

  • View the actual dispatch date of orders sent from our centre(s)

Business impact:

Better manage customers’ delivery expectations
Improve communications with customers, particularly when WISMO queries are raised
Stay informed of exactly where an order is within the fulfilment process
Tailored email notifications and updates

As a business, we understand that different staff members require specific notifications and updates. We also appreciate how important it is that you don’t miss important announcements. That’s why we are giving you the flexibility to tailor the email notification process to suit you and your team.

This means that you can ensure your staff members are only sent notifications and updates relevant to them. The ability to customise how you and your team receive email notifications from Zendbox is designed to facilitate improved productivity and more seamless internal communications, thus reducing the risk of important announcements being missed.

Feature highlights:

  • Simple filters make it easy to select which users should receive what notifications

  • You and your staff can receive notifications without having to log in to Zendportal

  • Unread notifications will be displayed on Zendportal the next time users log in

Business impact:

Keep the relevant staff informed of any service changes
Adapt quickly and never miss urgent updates (e.g. potential delivery delays due to bad weather)
Maintain up-to-date communications with your customers
Raise Inventory Transfers with more ease, speed and accuracy

Sending your inventory to Zendbox will be easier than ever with our updated Inventory Transfers page. Here, you will be able to raise a transfer with the relevant details to ensure your stock is processed as you desire. Based on the information provided, you will be given an accurate estimated Goods In time, so you know approximately how long it will take for your products to be booked into stock.

With the ability to produce a Goods Receiving document for each delivery, we can also quickly and reliably identify your inventory transfers, enabling us to accept your goods and book them into stock without delay.

Feature highlights:

  • Accurate estimated Goods In time

  • Ability to state the service requirements by product (e.g. bagging, boxing, barcoding)

  • Automatically produce a Goods Receiving document for each delivery

  • Locate specific inventory transfers with ease-to-use filters

  • View the Service Level Agreement (SLA) in Zendportal

Business impact:

Improved communication with suppliers, couriers and other relevant parties
Peace-of-mind knowing approximately when your products are available to sell
More efficient and seamless supply chain management
Deliver the ultimate unboxing experience

Looking to elevate the unboxing experience, provide the best service, and increase brand loyalty? With our new automatic order insert programme, you will be able to add exciting items such as gift cards, product samples, thank-you notes, catalogues, promotional items, and much, much more to your orders – all at the click of a button.

Simply choose the item(s) you want to include in each order, and Zendbox will automatically fulfil it. You can even filter orders by destination, sales channel, product purchased, amount spent by the customer, order volume, returning customer, first orders, and more.

Feature highlights:

  • Promote your brand by adding as many different inserts as you desire to each order

  • Set specific rules for marketing inserts based on a range of factors

  • Endless filter combinations for a truly unique unboxing experience with every order

Business impact:

Get creative with your marketing inserts to encourage repeat business
Reward returning customers to increase brand loyalty
Upsell and cross-sell with a range of different order inserts
Multiple shipping options with MagicShip

We want your customers to benefit from the best possible shipping service at the right price. That’s why we will be expanding the shipping options we offer, giving you and your customers the power to choose from a wider range of couriers based on the service type desired.

Feature highlights:

  • Expedited shipping to the EU

  • Multiple courier options for your customers to choose from at check-out

  • Upgrade or choose an economy shipping service for each order

  • Maximum control and flexibility over the couriers you want to use

  • Protection for high-value orders with premium, insured shipping

Business impact:

Capitalise on customers’ desire to choose their preferred courier
Improve the shopping experience with your brand and keep customers returning
Reduce the risk of cart abandonment with greater choice of courier
Reduced barcoding time for inbound goods

There’s a reason why one of our core values is to innovate every day. We want to be able to deliver an exceptional service to our partners, so that they can take their businesses to new heights. As such, we will be putting further investment into automated technology to accelerate and streamline the process of barcoding inbound goods.  

Business impact:

Faster goods-in process
Stock is available to sell quicker via your eStore(s)
Enhanced fulfilment service to support the growth of your business
Q3 2022
Leave internal notes on orders

Do you and your staff want to be able to clarify specific details on orders to ensure they are handled correctly? You will be able to do exactly that with our new “leave a note” feature on Zendportal, which grants you and your staff the ability to add internal notes to orders that can include additional information, reminders, and more.

Feature highlights:

  • Add internal notes to an order at any point in its fulfilment journey

  • Notes are authored and timestamped to ensure complete traceability

Business impact:

Improve communication and collaboration within your team
Minimise the risk of internal staff processing errors
Keep track of order details that can be easily lost
Raise B2B orders via a new window

What if you could sell your products directly to other businesses? You will be able to do exactly that from a dedicated platform on Zendportal. This has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to raise and process B2B orders, with functions that enable you to customise how each order is picked, packed, and dispatched by the Zendbox team.

Feature highlights:

  • Customise order packing (e.g. by box, case or pallet)

  • Select case / pallet quantity desired for every order

  • Multiple shipping options with the freedom to choose a specific courier

  • Organise self-collection of orders and schedule release dates

  • Notifications of order dispatch from the fulfilment centre

  • Related paperwork available with every order

  • Customs information provided on an order level

Business impact:

Expand your business beyond B2C and leverage B2B selling opportunities
Increase the earning potential of your business by selling in bulk
Network and collaborate with other businesses
Q4 2022
Total control over order processing customisation

We believe that you should have total control over the processing of your orders. Therefore, we will be introducing an innovative new programme on Zendportal, which will enable you to “set rules” for how your orders should be automatically picked, packed, and shipped by Zendbox.

For instance, you could use this programme to set rules that any order over £500 should be fraud checked before release, or the shipping service for that order is automatically upgraded to a premium carrier with a better quality insurance policy. You can even set rules for orders placed during a certain period to be released at a specified time of your choice. With the ability to combine rules for a truly tailored service with every order, the possibilities are endless.

You set the rules. You remain in control.

Feature highlights:

  • Set rules by category: item, order, sales channel, shipping, and more

  • Combine rules to create a unique system for processing orders

  • Orders are automatically fulfilled by Zendbox according to the rules you set

Business impact:

Protect your business from potential profit losses with fraud check rules
Elevate the customer experience by ensuring their delivery demands are met
Save time by eliminating the need to raise a ticket with Zendbox to customise how an order is processed
State-of-the-art customer returns system

Customer returns should be quick, easy, and hassle-free. To ensure we continue to deliver on this promise as a trusted 3PL provider, we will be upgrading our returns system to a more advanced option that rivals leading online retailers. This will streamline the processing of customer returns, enabling you to keep your customers happy for the benefit of earning more 5-star reviews.

Feature highlights:

  • Returns platform on Zendportal linked to the new system for a complete overview

  • Your customer can start a return from your website or sales channel

  • From their order, your customer can select the item they want to return

  • Your customers have the flexibility to choose the shipping option that suits them

  • Milestone tracking and notifications are provided to your customer

  • Your customer will be able to access a branded tracking page for their return

Business impact:

Enhanced post-purchase experience that keeps customers coming back to your eStore(s)
Returns are handled entirely by your customer and processed by Zendbox
Simple returns system makes the process more streamlined, so you can resell returned items quickly
Zendtrack: The ultimate order tracking experience

Capturing an order is one thing, but delivering the best post-purchase experience with your brand is quite another. This is particularly important to consider when 93% of surveyed consumers want proactive shipping and delivery updates, and 83% say receiving these updates plays a critical role in their repurchasing decisions. That's why we will be offering you Zendtrack – our dedicated order tracking platform on Zendportal. Here, you will be able to access a range of functions to make tracking orders a breeze for your customers.

Feature highlights:

  • Insightful tracking data in one place to resolve delivery incidents faster

  • Add tracking capabilities to your website and order history page without coding

  • Branded tracking page integrated on your website for a post-purchase experience unique to your business

  • Continue engaging customers with seamless post-purchase communications

  • Actionable insights into the post-purchase experience and shipping performance

  • Manage delivery expectations by displaying accurate order delivery dates

Business impact:

Increase customer satisfaction, promote brand loyalty, and boost sales
Improve delivery rates, exceed expectations, and increase your chances of repeat customers
Reduce WISMO queries and optimise your customer service by staying on top of the delivery status to ensure no unresolved, failed, lost or damaged deliveries
Comprehensive reporting suite

We understand the value of being able to access data and information about your business in order to make better decisions to achieve those all-important KPIs. That’s why we will be implementing a comprehensive reporting suite on Zendportal, from which you can pull together detailed reports and analytics about the processing and performance of your orders – all at the click of a button.

Feature highlights:

  • Reports on total orders processed by Zendbox and how quickly

  • Reports on orders with stock issues, indicating the need for replenishment

  • Reports on courier services, including the number of successful and failed deliveries

  • Reports on the goods-in process, including the time taken to check in

  • Reports on customer service, including complaints made and WISMO queries raised

Business impact:

Better decision-making to remedy issues and improve the overall service for customers
Supports the application of strategies to achieve your key business goals
Facilitates improved communication and collaboration within your business
Disclaimer: The information contained in this roadmap has been shared in order to outline some of our current product plans. It has been shared purely for information purposes and is not a binding commitment. Please do not rely on this information to make purchasing decisions as the development, release, and timing of any new Zendportal features ultimately remain at the sole discretion of Zendbox, and is subject to change without notice.