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Global brands are fulfilling orders on time, retaining loyal customers, and making more profitable decisions – with Fulfilment Intelligence from Zendbox.
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The smart 3PL solution behind the world’s top FMCG brands.
Global commerce

Zendbox makes ecommerce fulfilment easy and limitless.

We’re busy fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders every day to keep your customers happy. And it’s all powered by our unique Zendbox technology.

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orders processed in our fulfilment centres during 2020. All dispatched on time, every time.


different FMCG products in our world-class fulfilment centres. All fully secured and monitored.


of orders received are shipped the same day. We know your consumers expect swift delivery.


accuracy in the warehouse, which means more happy customers getting their orders on time.
US brands can sell into new markets across the UK & Europe.
Fast and accurate fulfilment across the UK, every time.
Next day delivery available in parts of Europe.
Asian brands can reach new markets across the UK & Europe.
Fulfilment Intelligence

What is
Fulfilment Intelligence?

Zendbox does the heavy lifting in the warehouse. So you can focus on growing your business.

Built by ecommerce experts.

Born out of the frustrations of online sellers who imagined a smarter way to manage inventory and fulfil orders, Zendbox puts you in control of your ecommerce fulfilment operations.
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Seamless integrations.

Seamless integrations connecting instantly with the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms and delivery networks.

Solve problems before they arise.

Using technology every step of the way, from scanning in stock to real-time shipment tracking. Providing complete stock visibility, including items in pick and returns. Solve problems before they arise with real-time order editing, address fixing and stock ordering tools.
How it works

World-class fulfilment centres.

World-class fulfilment centres, ensuring your stock is secure with itemised scanning and smart storage solutions.
Fulfilment centres

Make more profitable decisions.

Zendbox empowers you with the insights you need to make more profitable decisions. Data at your fingertips to make every fulfilment decision count.

Loyal and happy customers.

Create more loyal and happy customers with the best shipping options, branded packaging and seamless customer service.
Don’t take our word for it...

Trust the hundreds of FMCG brands who power their ecommerce fulfilment with Zendbox.

Zendbox’s service is phenomenal. They successfully dispatched 3,000 units in a 24-hour turnaround time. The team’s service is on par with Amazon’s delivery speeds.

CEO, Boot Buddy

Reduction in tickets
Cut off time

Before Zendbox, it was chaos. Now we’re making smarter fulfilment decisions. It’s like having a whole team of ecommerce experts on hand.

CEO, Julie Chen

Faster deliveries
Sustainable packaging
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We were looking for a solution we could trust. Zendbox provides the stock visibility and security we need.

Managing Director, The Hut Group

Zendbox ticks all the boxes for us. Every order is delivered on time, every time. Which means, more happy and loyal customers for Ghost.

CEO, Ghost

Monthly orders
Annual logistics savings

Our previous 3PL was losing our stock, causing delay to our orders and affecting our margins. Zendbox has completely eliminated these errors for us.

CEO, Skinspace

Accurate orders

Zendbox set their standards very high. They pitch themselves with the best in Europe, and Zendbox's metrics support that. That level of excellence is where we want to be aligned with.

CEO, Mr Tubs

Lightning speed
Accurate fulfilment
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Automate your ecommerce fulfilment with Zendbox.

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Simple pricing based on volume of orders. No hidden fees.


We’ve been doing this for a long time. We might have your answer here.
Fulfilment Intelligence

Make data your competitive advantage.

We believe there’s a better way to do eCommerce fulfilment. Zendbox empowers FMCG brands with the service and technology they need to fulfil, intelligently.
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You’ll enter and serve hard-to-reach markets across the globe, and dominate them.


You’ll keep more customers happy by automating your fulfilment operations.


You’ll make more profitable decisions using powerful intelligence tools.


Sustainability Promise

Protecting the Environment

If there is no planet, there is no eCommerce. This understanding drives our North Star for sustainability.

We believe there’s too much waste in eCommerce and so we’ve made it our mission to build a greener future of fulfilment.



How it works

Powerful tools and technology to help you fulfil, intelligently.

Send Your

We store your products in our world-class fulfilment centres around the globe and keep everything safe and secure.


You continue to sell your orders on your website and your marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay – we’ll take care of the rest.

We Fulfil

We pick, pack and deliver your orders to the customer and keep them happy. It’s all automated, which means speed, accuracy and efficiency.


We give you access to our powerful suite of intelligence tools so you can oversee your fulfilment operations and make more profitable decisions.
Global commerce

The backbone of your operations

For global FMCG brands, Zendbox makes eCommerce fulfilment easy and limitless. We’re busy fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders every day to keep your customers happy. And it’s all powered by our unique Zendbox technology.


parcels are sent from our warehouses every day. All accurate and on time.


of FMCG goods are shipped every day. Full secured and monitored.


regions across the globe to help our brands reach their customers.


accuracy in the warehouse, which means more happy customers receive their orders on time.