Why partner with Zendbox
to power up your fulfilment?

With over 10 years’ experience in eCommerce, Zendbox understands the unique opportunities and challenges that online businesses face. We deliver a reliable end-to-end fulfilment service that takes the stress out of picking, packing, and shipping online orders across the UK and beyond.

eCommerce fulfilment centre in the UK

Ultra-late order cut-off time of 10pm

When 40% of online orders are placed between 4pm and 10pm, you can’t afford to have an early order cut-off time. That’s why ours is 10pm, giving your customers the chance to order late into the evening for next-day delivery.

Our industry-leading cut-off time gives you an additional 30+ hours a week to achieve optimal conversion rates during peak sales hours. Ultra-fast and flexible order processing times means you can offer the best fulfilment experiences to your customers.

Be in control 24/7 with cutting-edge tech

We are committed to continuously enhancing our 3PL service through technology. Our UK fulfilment centres are equipped with cutting-edge systems that take care of the fulfilment process for thousands of products with varying storage, packing, and shipping requirements, thus ensuring operational excellence.

24-hour stock check-in

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, you want to be able to move your products quickly. That’s why we maintain a 24-hour stock check-in process, wherein we aim to book your goods into storage at our fulfilment centre(s) within 24 hours. This enables you to avoid missing out on any potential sales opportunities.

Quality control the Zendbox way

When we receive your products at our fulfilment centre(s), we follow a 3-stage, error-free quality control process to ensure the correct items have been received in the correct quantities, with any damaged goods accounted for. Our approach to receiving goods instils maximum confidence among eCommerce businesses.

Safe and secure storage

For every product you stock, we will allocate the most appropriate storage solution for it within our safe and secure fulfilment centres. You won’t need to worry about shrinkage, as our Zendportal technology provides complete visibility and control over your products.

Powerful real time visibility and data at your fingertips

Leverage our Inventory Analysis platform on Zendportal to accurately demand forecast and plan, especially during peak trading periods like Black Friday and Christmas. In-depth information about your products is collated from all your eCommerce platforms to support multi-channel inventory management.

Wide selection of couriers at the best volume discounts

We integrate with the biggest and most renowned couriers to ship UK orders quickly, rivalling Amazon Prime. Through our longstanding partnerships with a wide selection of couriers, we can secure the best shipping services at the most competitive rate, passing the savings on to you and your customers via our intelligent MagicShip system.

Custom packaging on your terms

Delight your customers and make the unboxing of your products worthy of the social media hype with custom packaging solutions. We can also pick and pack your online orders using sustainable packaging, which includes recycled and/or recyclable cardboard boxes, gummed paper tape, and paper void fill.

Hassle-free customer returns

You can’t prevent every customer return, but we can help you make returns management easier and more profitable. We follow a rigorous 3-step process to ensure resaleable goods are restocked and made available to sell to your customers without delay.

B2B and FBA/ FBM fulfilment experts

You can sell to other businesses in the UK and beyond with our premium B2B fulfilment solution, which caters to bulk orders without compromising on quality. We can take care of everything, from packing crates safely and effectively, to leveraging shipping services capable of handling large, wholesale deliveries.

Unlock the growth potential of your eCommerce brand

Built with eCommerce scalability in mind, Zendportal's smart tools make order and inventory management easy, saving your business costs and freeing up your time to focus on growth.

View, track & manage

Total control and visibility of your eCommerce fulfilment, including orders, inventory and shipments

Simplify replenishments

Effortlessly monitor inventory health and streamline demand planning, forecasting and supplier reordering

48 hours
24 hours
2-3 days

Update delivery options

Control all shipments from one place with MagicShip, which enables easy delivery option changes

Shipping notifications

Send custom tracking notifications at every stage of delivery for a seamless brand experience

Real-time stock sync

Data is auto-synced with your sales channels for instant order and inventory management

Product 1
Product 2
Product 3

Reduce waste

Use live data to monitor stock closely and act fast on unnecessary overstock or soon-to-expire goods

Drive sales, reduce WISMOs & promote customer loyalty

Zendtrack puts all your shipment data in one place and enables you to auto-send branded tracking notifications

  • Keep customers informed at every stage of delivery

  • Save time & eliminate a major drain on CS resources

  • Promote & cross-sell your products to increase LTV

  • Earn more 5-star reviews through delivery prompts

inventory analysis
Make smarter business decisions with live analytics

Inventory Analysis puts real-time data and actionable insights at your fingertips, so you can better manage your stock and maximise every sales opportunity

  • Save time demand planning & quickly reorder from suppliers

  • Minimise stockouts to retain customers & increase sales

  • Release cash tied up in overstock & reinvest in your business

  • Sell more strategically to prevent expired stock losses

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Global fulfilment made easy with MagicShip

For every order placed on your online store, our MagicShip system automatically assigns the best shipping options to meet your customers' needs

  • Take advantage of fast & competitive shipping services

  • Offer your customers multiple shipping options at checkout

  • Ship your products to 72+ countries, including key EU territories

  • Expand to new markets & fast-track your business growth

Seamless fulfilment integrations

Zendbox can support your omnichannel selling strategy with a host of integrations for both eCommerce platforms and couriers

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We're a leading Fulfilment solution based on customer reviews

Ready for fulfilment excellence?

Join the winning brands that choose Zendbox as their trusted 3PL provider to deliver the 5-star fulfilment experience customers deserve. You’re one step closer to saving time, reducing costs, and achieving operational excellence that turns your brand into a global success.

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