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When it comes to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), it’s all about getting your products to customers quickly and accurately. That's where Zendbox can help.
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Over 10 years of experience
in FMCG shipping

Zendbox has been shipping FMCGs across the UK and Europe for over 10 years, ensuring millions of products reach their final destination on time and in the excellent condition that consumers expect. Ultra-fast shipping of fast moving consumer goods requires adequate storage space and an in-depth knowledge of the best carriers tailored to FMCG. Our FMCG fulfilment services provide a first-class storage and shipping solution that enables you to focus on growing your business.

At Zendbox, we offer a premium fulfilment service for various fast moving consumer goods

Sports nutrition vitamins & supplements

Non-perishable food & drink

Household items

Basket size

"Zendbox has been central to our growth and expansion. For a growing FMCG brand, Zendbox’s Inventory Analysis tool is an absolute must 🤩"

Tom Norton

Why partner with Zendbox
for your FMCG fulfilment?

We understand the competitive nature of the FMCG market, given that FMCGs are often sold at a high volume, and have such high turnover rates. That's why we ensure every order is optimised for speed and accuracy at each stage of the fulfilment process. This supports an unbeatable shopping experience to drive profits, promote repeat business, and encourage greater customer loyalty to your brand.

Access to live stock levels

Zendportal presents stock levels in real-time, ensuring your website is 100% accurate in relation to the stock you have available. No more disappointed customers trying to purchase a product that cannot be shipped to them. This is just one of the many benefits of using a 3PL provider for your FMCG fulfilment. Discover other reasons in our guide to fulfilment centres versus warehousing.

2-hour tracking window

We ensure deliveries are successfully completed on time, providing an exceptional customer experience. When an order is dispatched from Zendbox, the customer automatically receives a notification with a 2-hour window of when their shipment will arrive. It's this level of transparency that consumers love, and also keeps you – as an online retailer – in the loop at each stage of the fulfilment process.

All orders automatically processed

During the onboarding process, we will integrate with your website and other sales channels, ensuring that all orders are automatically pulled into our intelligent Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means every order is seamlessly dispatched with no additional work required at your end.

Zendbox is a specialist in FMCG 3PL services

Our premium 3PL fulfilment solution is backed by extensive experience in eCommerce. Explore our Success Stories with leading brands that we support in delivering the best unboxing experience to their customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Why use FMCG fulfilment services?

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing fulfilment for your FMCG orders, but it ultimately enables you and your team to focus on other projects for scaling and growing your business. By taking advantage of the premium FMCG fulfilment service from Zendbox, you can get orders to your customers quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively for an outstanding shopping experience. This is thanks to our innovative automated technology, which provides you complete visibility and control over your inventory and the overall fulfilment process. The support of our premium service can set your business apart from competitors, strengthen the perception of your brand, and increase your chances of winning 5-star online reviews.

How do you store FMCGs?

Due to high customer demand and the perishable nature of these products, FMCGs have a short shelf-life and often sell quickly at a relatively low price. Therefore, efficient storage of FMCGs is critical to ensure these products are delivered to customers in the safest, quickest, and most cost-effective manner. Whilst the storage requirements for FMCGs depend on the type of product that is being handled, storage solutions can include:

  • Pallet live racking to support the first-in, first-out storage model
  • Longspan shelving with height adjustable frames capable of storing a wide range of stock types
  • Wire mesh shelving to provide strong support for boxes or other non-palletised goods
  • Modular storage bins and stacking containers to facilitate accurate order picking
  • Temperature-controlled installations such as refrigerators and freezers
Can I use FMCG fulfilment for my B2C business?

At Zendbox, we offer FMCG fulfilment services for eCommerce retailers that sell to both the B2C and B2B markets. Our premium solution is supported by our intelligent inventory management system, Zendportal. This makes the process of managing the fulfilment process for each order simple and straightforward, no matter whether you’re selling direct-to-consumer or to other businesses.

Are there restrictions when shipping FMCGs?

Shipping restrictions on FMCGs can vary by country and the carrier used. When it comes to shipping FMCGs between the UK and the EU, the rules can certainly differ. The shipment of a product also depends on whether the item is prohibited or restricted. Unlike a prohibited item – which means it is not allowed to be delivered under any circumstances – restricted goods can sometimes be delivered, but only when specific regulations are adhered to.

For example, aerosol products like deodorants and body sprays can sometimes be shipped within the UK so long as the correct packaging guidelines are adhered to. Similarly, perfumes and aftershaves can be shipped within the UK, provided the correct guidelines are met for the service you are using. In this case, the volume per item should not exceed 150ml, and packages must be strongly cushioned to prevent any breakages or spillages. Everyday toiletries like shower gel, toothpaste, and toilet paper are typically easily shipped.

Other FMCGs like foodstuffs (classified as “perishable”) are eligible for postage, provided that they are packaged according to regulations (e.g. suitably sealed to prevent any leakages or the tainting of other items). Food items – including supplements and vitamins – should also be able to withstand a journey of up to 48 hours.

How do you manage FMCGs with expiry dates?

Many of the FMCGs that we fulfil at Zendbox have expiration dates. We help eCommerce businesses manage these goods by giving them the platform to track when their products are due to expire. Based on real-time stock data, this intelligent system also provides replenishment recommendations to enable quicker reordering from suppliers. This means online FMCG retailers can sell more strategically, prevent expired stock losses, and minimise waste, all of which can be commercially and environmentally damaging.