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What is B2B fulfilment?

Put simply, 3PL B2B fulfilment is the management and delivery of goods from one business to another by a fulfilment provider. Zendbox offers an end-to-end 3PL fulfilment solution for its B2B partners, who can focus their time and energy on improving the efficiency of their operations, nurturing customer relationships, and scaling up their business.

Easy inventory transfers

We make it easy to ship your B2B stock to Zendbox. Simply raise the transfer on our intelligent Zendportal system and once it arrives, our expert team will have it booked into stock quickly, so you can sell without delay.

Big storage solutions

Our organically certified fulfilment centres can house thousands of palletised items safely and securely. No matter the type of product you sell, we have big storage solutions to support efficient B2B sales.

Bulk order shipping

Zendbox maintains longstanding partnerships with the biggest and best carriers. This enables us to ship B2B orders on a fast and cost-effective service, so your B2B customers receive their goods in a timely manner.

Inventory control

Our intelligent Zendportal system grants you complete control over your inventory. View, manage and keep track of your B2B orders as they are fulfilled and ensure your bestselling items are never out of stock.

At Zendbox, we offer a premium fulfilment service for various B2B industries

Sports nutrition vitamins & supplements

FMCGs, including non-perishable food & drink

Household items

Man checking sales

How is B2B fulfilment different from B2C?

B2B fulfilment differs from B2C in the following ways:

  • Shipping goods in bulk requires a unique logistical approach to ensure goods are transported safely and efficiently
  • Many B2B orders are palletised and shipped as a freight delivery, making the service more labour intensive
  • The shipping of some goods must adhere to certain regulations

Zendbox can handle all of the above. We support a host of shopping channels, including Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and many more. No matter the industry or fulfilment requirements, Zendbox is a trusted 3PL offering a truly end-to-end solution.

Why partner with Zendbox for your B2B fulfilment?

We manage B2B order fulfilment for eCommerce businesses across a vast number of industries selling various goods. These online businesses include wholesalers, resellers, and fast-growing start-ups offering tangible products. From receiving orders to completing delivery and managing inventory, Zendbox manages the whole fulfilment process so its B2B partners can grow and excel.

Scalability you can trust

We can cater to large order volumes without compromising on the quality of the fulfilment process. This is particularly important when B2B eCommerce will frequently require the fulfilment of bulk orders – including palletised items – far larger than small B2C packages.

Pick and pack fit for B2B

The physical size of B2B orders presents a different kind of challenge from B2C that we can help you overcome. From packing crates in a safe and effective manner, to leveraging shipping services capable of handling those large, wholesale deliveries, we’ve got you covered.

Maximum compliance

When shipping B2B orders, we understand there is compliance to consider, which will vary by industry. These regulations come with additional hoops that necessitate a level of expertise to jump through them with ease. Zendbox can make that jump, ensuring maximum compliance and peace-of-mind.

The 3PL fulfilment process at Zendbox

At Zendbox, our 3PL fulfilment service is specifically designed to tackle challenges of scale in the most effective and efficient way possible. Delivering products rapidly and accurately enables you to develop excellent client relations, so your eCommerce business can continue to grow and scale up.


Zendbox integrates with your sales channels to receive your B2B orders

The first step in the Zendbox fulfilment process is for us to integrate with your online shopping channels, and for you to send your products to our organically certified fulfilment centres. Our expert team will ensure your goods are quality checked and booked into stock without delay.


Sell to B2B customers and track your stock levels in real-time

Start selling products to your B2B customers! As items are bought, your stock levels will be updated in real-time via our automated technology. We will then fulfil your orders, picking and packing products with expert precision, before they are prepared to be shipped via a trusted courier.


Your B2B customers receive their delivery exactly as they expect

Your B2B orders will be delivered quickly to your customer. You can view, track and control everything as it happens through our smart inventory management platform, Zendportal. The information you can access here includes stock levels, billing, and any other live data important to your B2B business.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is B2B fulfilment for?

B2B (business-to-business) fulfilment refers to the process of a business selling and delivering goods to other businesses. What differentiates B2B from B2C fulfilment is the size and volume of orders, with B2B typically requiring fulfilment of large, bulk shipments that come with their own logistical challenges. Any eCommerce business from any industry can utilise B2B fulfilment services.

Are there minimum B2B shipping quantities?

Most B2B companies will fulfil orders for their products based on a minimum order quantity of their choosing. This represents the minimum for the business to turn a profit on a particular order. Depending on the product, the minimum order of units eligible for cost-effective shipping typically runs in the hundreds or thousands. Bulk orders are often shipped via freight as palletised items, with parcel shipping available to accommodate smaller orders. 

At Zendbox, we offer a range of B2B shipping options at the best possible rate, with minimum B2B shipping quantities dependent on the size of your products and other factors unique to your business and goods you sell. Get in touch to explore your B2B fulfilment options

Do you fulfil international B2B orders?

Zendbox fulfils B2B orders in the UK and internationally, including within the EU. This enables eCommerce businesses to expand their customer base and tap into another revenue stream beyond B2C. Thanks to our longstanding partnership network with world-class couriers, we are able to pass on the best shipping services at the best possible rate to eCommerce businesses and their customers, who benefit from ultra-fast deliveries. Zendbox also ensures there’s one less thing for businesses to worry about by handling the administration associated with international order processing, including customs and duties. 

Why use 3PL B2B fulfilment?

By outsourcing your B2B fulfilment to a trusted 3PL provider like Zendbox, you can take advantage of an end-to-end solution – from manufacturing to retail. This takes the hassle out of fulfilling in-house out of your hands, enabling you to save costs and time that could be put to better use on other business initiatives. This includes nurturing relationships with customers, marketing your products online, and developing the next bestseller.

What industries use B2B fulfilment?

Many industries use B2B fulfilment – amongst the most well-known are: 

  • Food and drink
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Beauty and cosmetics 
  • Health and fitness
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Publishing