For every new customer we onboard, we plant 50 trees!

We are committed to fighting climate change and offsetting our CO2 emissions. Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees by 2025.

Our Sustainable Fulfilment Promise.

If there is no planet, there is no ecommerce. This understanding drives our focus on sustainability.

We believe there’s too much waste in eCommerce and so we’ve made it our mission to build a greener future for fulfilment.


Our packaging includes 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, fully recyclable paper or compostable void fills and gummed paper tape.

Green Warehouses

We use strong and reliable custom warehouse racking and pallets made from 100% recyclable cardboard. We are working to eliminate all single use materials from our centers.


Our fulfilment operations are powered by a green energy supplier and we are working towards producing our own solar energy on site.
"As a certified B corp company, sustainability is a lifeforce to The Cheeky Panda. When we discovered that Zendbox supplied bespoke sustainable packaging that was plastic-free, it felt like the perfect match.

Our ecommerce fulfilment is one of the most important factors to the logistical success of our business. We’re now ready for the next stage in our journey to a more sustainable planet, backed by sustainable, reliable operations."
Julie Chen, Co-Founder and CEO, The Cheeky Panda
Our long term commitment to creating fully sustainable operations includes:
Sourcing innovative, eco-friendly materials and eliminating single-use plastics.
Driving more energy efficiency in our operations.
Increasing the use of renewable energy throughout our centers.
Working with our carriers to find innovative ways to reduce emissions.
We continue to hold ourselves accountable for the impact our industry has on the environment and strive to make innovative changes to support our efforts on climate change. 

We can protect the
environment, together.

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