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Drive sales, reduce WISMOs & promote customer loyalty

Zendtrack is the reliable shipment tracking and communications platform built for eCommerce brands. It puts all your shipment data in one place and enables you to automatically send custom-branded notifications to your customers.

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Trusted by hundreds of eCommerce brands
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62% of customers will not buy from a brand again after a poor experience

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) are higher than ever, making it more important to plug any pitfalls in the customer journey to improve retention rates and increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

That's where better shipment visibility can help.

Returning loyal customers spend 67% more than first-time customers

Capturing a customer is one thing but converting them into a returning shopper and advocate of your brand is a whole different ball game. eCommerce brands that neglect the post-purchase experience are at risk of losing to competitors.

If conversion rates are high but retention rates are low, ask yourself:

A bored and frustrated customer working at his computer

How much time are you wasting on “Where is my order?” queries?

Someone leaving a one-star review on their phone

What are you doing to improve and protect your online reviews?

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How are you engaging with your customers post-purchase?

Boost revenue & elevate the
post-purchase experience

Zendtrack enables you to track your shipments with ease and better manage your customer’s expectations at every stage of delivery. Zendtrack is the game-changer you need to streamline your support operations and deliver the best fulfilment experience to your customers for those all-important 5-star reviews!

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93% of customers want pro-active updates about their orders
Zendtrack Shipping Visibility

Banish WISMO woes & relieve the pressure on your CS team

Keep customers informed at every stage of delivery to reduce WISMO

Eliminate the need to ever contact a courier again

Save time & eliminate a major drain on your CS resources

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Photo of Luke Brabbin

Luke Brabbin

eCommerce Team Leader at The Cheeky Panda

5-star review

We now offer a
better customer experience

“Before Zendbox, we didn’t have any means of monitoring the fulfilment process, so we didn’t have any idea what was going on with our orders. Now we can use Zendportal to view, track and edit our orders, and check shipment information on Zendtrack. Having this capability at our fingertips enables us to better manage our stock and provide an enhanced customer experience.”

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Zendtrack Shipping notifications

Promote & sell your products the smarter way

Deliver a complete brand experience with custom tracking notifications

Promote and cross-sell your products to increase LTV

Convert one-time shoppers into raving fans of your brand

Marketing emails have an average open rate of up to 25%,
whilst shipping emails boast an average open rate of 85%*

Delivery is one of the most mentioned keywords in online reviews
Zendtrack Shipping Visibility

Strengthen your reputation & increase loyalty

Keep customers informed at every stage of delivery to reduce WISMO

Eliminate the need to ever contact a courier again

Save time & eliminate a major drain on your CS resources

Photo of Charlie Munton

Charlie Munton

CEO of Skinspace

5-star review

+90% increase in positive reviews, often mentioning "fast delivery"

“If you read our Trustpilot reviews, our customers love the fulfilment – over 95% saythat the service is awesome. It’s all about super-fast dispatch, super-fast delivery.”

Elevate online shopping with Zendtrack

Contact our fulfilment experts to find out how you can use Zendtrack to unlock the value of the post-purchase customer experience.

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