Luxury goods fulfilment with flair and finesse

Zendbox approaches fulfilment for luxury products with the greatest care and attention required, to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience.
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Top-tier fulfilment for luxury brands

The market for personal luxury goods is one of the largest growing segments of the luxury industry, second only to luxury cars and even trumping the luxury hospitality sector. Customers expect nothing less than the best service when buying luxury goods. Partnering with a premium 3PL provider means you can deliver on this demand, freeing up your time to focus on producing outstanding products.

At Zendbox, we offer a premium fulfilment service for many luxury products

Designer clothes, shoes, and handbags

Accessories like high-end watches and jewellery

Luxury fragrances

Small luxury homewares

Why partner with Zendbox for your luxury goods fulfilment?

Expectations are high within the luxury goods market. At Zendbox, we understand the importance and value of delivering a luxury shopping experience from beginning to end. That’s why we offer a 3PL solution that’s second-to-none, making Zendbox the fulfilment partner of choice for leading luxury brands.

Secure storage for high-value items

Outfitted with advanced security systems, our spacious fulfilment centres are well-organised and maintained to ensure the safe and secure storage of high-value items. This instils maximum confidence among luxury brands, who trust Zendbox to handle their premium products as if they are their own.

Expert pick and pack team

Automated technology streamlines our overall fulfilment process, whilst the humans at Zendbox pick and pack orders for luxury goods with expert care to eliminate the risk of damage during transit. We will collaborate with you to pack your luxury products exactly as you desire, so your customers are always delighted when they unbox their purchase.

Custom branded packaging

We offer a range of high-quality and sustainable packaging options to ensure your products arrive at your customers’ doorstep in perfect condition. Elevate the shopping experience for luxury goods and create unboxing experiences that are worthy of the social media hype with custom branded packaging and inserts.

Trusted couriers

Luxury products are shipped from Zendbox using only the most trusted courier services, including tracked and signed-for options. Orders placed before our industry-leading 9pm cut-off time are shipped the same day for next-working day delivery, so your busy customers don’t have to wait long for their luxury goods.

Tailored returns process

Our customer returns process for luxury products is fuss-free and ensures resaleable goods are booked back into stock in mint condition and without delay, so you maximise every sales opportunity. Need us to steam clean returns for luxury clothing? No problem! We go the extra mile for each product, tailoring our returns processes according to your specific requirements.

Quick and seamless integrations

No matter whether you sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, BigCommerce or other channels, we can integrate with your existing back-end processes quickly and seamlessly with zero disruption or downtime. Equally, we can build a bespoke integration that works for your luxury business.

Maximum inventory control

Through our intelligent Zendportal software, you can track and manage your luxury products in real-time as they move through the fulfilment process – from the pick stage, right through to delivery and customer returns. Tap into the data collated by our Inventory Analysis tool to ensure your bestsellers never go out of stock.

Access customers worldwide

With our UK and EU fulfilment centres, we can help you sell your luxury goods to customers worldwide, including those in Europe and the US. Our intuitive MagicShip technology – backed by longstanding partnerships with leading couriers – enables us to ship luxury orders on the best services, at the most competitive price.

Luxury sales to businesses

As well as B2C orders for luxury gifts and goods, we fulfil bulk orders for luxury products through our first-class B2B fulfilment solution. This enables leading luxury brands to sell to wedding planners, exclusive event hosts, boutique hotels, and many more, expanding their earning potential beyond D2C online luxury sales.

Zendbox is a specialist in luxury goods 3PL services

Our premium 3PL fulfilment solution is backed by extensive experience in eCommerce. Explore our Success Stories with leading brands that we support in delivering the best unboxing experience to their customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is luxury goods fulfilment?

Luxury goods fulfilment is when the processes involved with delivering luxury products to customers is outsourced to an external company known as a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider. These processes typically involve picking, packing, and shipping small packages of luxury items, but there are other elements to luxury goods fulfilment, including warehousing, inventory management and customer returns.

How many orders do I need to take per month to use 3PL?

The minimum number of orders you make each day and the type of service you require will typically dictate which 3PL provider will be the right fit for your luxury goods fulfilment needs. At Zendbox, we primarily work with fast-growing eCommerce brands that are fulfilling a minimum of 15 to 20 orders per day, equating to approximately 600 orders per month. Get in touch to explore whether Zendbox is the right solution for your business at this stage.

Can I trust a 3PL service with my luxury products?

Many 3PL companies offer fulfilment for luxury goods, but not all are created equal. Zendbox is the first-choice fulfilment partner for luxury brands due to the company’s outstanding reputation for delivering a trusted service. 

By outsourcing your luxury goods fulfilment to Zendbox, you can be confident that your goods will be stored safely at one of our clean and secure fulfilment centres. Moreover, we take great care to pick and pack items in a way that displays the products in the best light, whilst ensuring they are delivered without any damages for maximum customer satisfaction. 

With tracked and signed-for shipping options available through Zendbox, you and your customers can keep tabs on orders as they move through the courier system. Our customers returns process is also tailored according to your unique requirements, so that resaleable luxury goods are booked back into stock in mint condition and without delay to maximise every sales opportunity.

How are luxury goods packaged?

We package your luxury goods according to your unique specifications. We will collaborate with you to ensure each item is packed exactly as desired, with products presented inside the package in a way that showcases your brand in the best light. Luxury brands can take advantage of our custom branded packaging solutions to elevate the unboxing experience even further. Luxury items are also packed safely and securely to prevent damage during transit, so that your customers receive their products in the pristine condition they expect for a premium shopping experience.