Stationery & gift fulfilment for eCommerce

Zendbox is the 3PL partner of choice for stationery and gift brands that want to delight their customers with beautifully presented products, delivered on an ultra-fast courier service.
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Grow your stationery & gift brand

Fulfilling orders for stationery and gifts can mean handling multiple small items. Maintaining up-to-date stock levels is crucial to ensure you know what products are available to sell and customers receive exactly what they ordered. Zendbox can help with a 3PL fulfilment service that drives repeat business and enables you to grow your stationery business.

At Zendbox, we offer a premium fulfilment service for a range of stationery & gifts

Colouring pencils & highlighters

Paper, notebooks & sketchpads

Calendars & planners

Folders & document wallets

Pens, markers & writing sets

Envelopes & organisers

Staplers & paper clips

Art supplies & craft kits

Scissors, glue & tape

Cards, gift wrap & ribbons

Novelty items

Gift boxes & gift packaging

Luxury stationery gift sets

Why partner with Zendbox for your stationery & gift fulfilment?

We know that presentation and delivery speed are key to impressing your customers. Partnering with Zendbox to fulfil stationery and gift orders means you can take advantage of safe storage solutions for your products, real-time inventory visibility, securely packed parcels, and much more.

Clean and secure storage

Our organically certified fulfilment centres are equipped with storage solutions that cost-effectively optimise racking space for gifts and stationery products. Our clean storage systems ensure the condition of your goods are maintained from the moment they arrive at Zendbox, to when they land on your customer’s doorstep.

Expertly packed products

We leverage automated technology and advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) to maintain a seamless pick and pack process with a 99.999% order accuracy rate. This means customers receive the right products on time and in pristine condition for a 5-star customer experience.

Bespoke packaging solutions

We can use branded and sustainable packaging for your stationery and gift items, taking the unboxing experience to a whole new level. With the ability to include inserts like gift messages, we will collaborate with you to ensure items are packed exactly as desired to showcase your products in the best light.

From luxury goods to office essentials

Zendbox can fulfil orders for luxury B2C items like diaries, notebooks, and stationery gift sets. We can also ship bulk B2B orders of stationery to offices, schools, and other workplaces. No matter the number of SKUs in your inventory, we will tailor our stationery fulfilment service according to your needs.

Fast and cost-effective shipping

Busy office workers want to get their stationery orders quickly to avoid a shortage of supplies. Through our intelligent MagicShip system and our longstanding partnerships with the biggest and best carriers, we can offer you and your customers ultra-fast shipping services at the most competitive price.

Maximum inventory control

Leverage Zendportal and its intuitive Inventory Analysis feature to keep your finger on the pulse of your stock, determine exactly when to reorder from your suppliers, and ensure your bestselling stationery is never out of stock. With real-time tracking as products move through the fulfilment process, you are always in control.

Quick and seamless integrations

No matter whether you sell on Shopify, Amazon, or other platforms, we can perform system integrations with zero hassle, disruption or downtime. Rest assured that we can also provide a bespoke integration that works for your stationery business, meaning you can start fulfilling orders through Zendbox without delay.

Hassle-free customer returns

Our premium service ensures online orders arrive in mint condition, but should your customers wish to return an item, they can do so easily with our hassle-free customer returns process. This is tailored according to your unique returns policy to ensure each item – whether resaleable or not – is handled correctly.

Transparent pricing

We pride ourselves on a simple and transparent cost structure, which includes real-time storage pricing that ensures you never pay for space that you are not using. Pricing for our stationery fulfilment service accounts for specific factors unique to your business, creating a truly customised proposal.

Zendbox is a specialist in stationery 3PL services

Our premium 3PL fulfilment solution is backed by extensive experience in eCommerce. Explore our Success Stories with leading brands that we support in delivering the best unboxing experience to their customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is stationery fulfilment?

Stationery fulfilment is when the processes involved with delivering online stationery orders to customers are outsourced to an external company known as a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider. These processes including picking, packing, and shipping, but can also encompass warehousing, inventory management and customer returns. The stationery fulfilment service from Zendbox can be applied to both B2C and B2B orders.

Can I use branded packaging when working with a 3PL?

Many 3PL fulfilment providers can pick, pack and ship stationery and gifts using branded packaging. We offer the same service at Zendbox but with a difference – we work closely with stationery and gift brands to ensure products are presented beautifully inside the box and packaged securely so that they arrive at the customer’s doorstep in mint condition. We can also include inserts within each package to elevate the unboxing experience even further, which can be particularly valuable when shipping luxury stationery and gifts.

How are customer returns handled?

Every product we stock at our fulfilment centre(s) undergoes rigorous quality control checks to minimise the risk of a return. Unfortunately, however, returns are part and parcel of running an online store. We make it easy for customers to return their orders to our fulfilment centre. Our expert team checks each returned item for potential faults and damages, and processes those that cannot be resold according to your unique returns policy. Resaleable products are booked back into stock quickly so you can resell without delay.

What size businesses can use fulfilment services?

Most businesses can use 3PL fulfilment services, but the many providers will typically have their own preference for the type and size of businesses they can fulfil orders for. At Zendbox, we generally partner with fast-growing, medium- to large-sized eCommerce businesses that are receiving a minimum of 20 orders per day.

Can I send stationery to Europe?

Our EU fulfilment centres enable eCommerce businesses to ship stationery and gifts to Europe. However, Zendbox can ship to many other international destinations, including the US. Get in touch to find out where you can ship your stationery goods to.