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Seamless order management with Zendportal

Zendportal grants you total control and visibility over the fulfilment process, enabling you to track and manage every order across its journey

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Transform eCommerce order management for your business

Better online inventory management

Improved oversight of your orders enables you to better manage your inventory, so you know exactly when to reorder from your supplier and avoid under or overstocking.

Save costs and free up your time

Zendportal automates the order management process so you can save costs and free up time to focus on growing your business through more strategic activities such as product development and brand growth.

Maintain exceptional customer service

All order information is centralised in one location with Zendportal, including real-time updates on the status of current orders and inventory. Leverage this information to keep your customers up-to-date for an exceptional shopping experience.

Process customer returns with ease

The automated nature of Zendportal takes the hassle and headache out of managing customer returns, with full order return details provided, including the return reason and whether the item has been returned to stock or set aside to be handled according to your returns policy.

Efficient omnichannel selling

Packed with multiple integrations, Zendportal displays order information from all your selling channels in one place, you can ensure nothing is missed, meaning you always have complete control over the fulfilment process for easy omnichannel selling.

Scale with confidence

Automated order management via Zendportal – combined with our premium fulfilment service – means you can scale up quickly and with confidence, no matter whether your business is accepting hundreds or thousands of orders each day.

Manage your orders without the stress

Gain access to a full suite of tools to easily manage orders, ensuring your customers receive accurately packed products on time, every time

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To have clear and long-term visibility of our stock’s status is enormously powerful, particularly in terms of supporting pre-planned commercial decisions that help our profits and the environment, whilst eliminating poor customer satisfaction and perception of our brand. 
Inventory Analysis delivers on this promise in a very clear, user-friendly way – it’s superb.  

Co-Director Jamie Haydon

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During our onboarding process, we’ll connect to your store and marketplace accounts, and take responsibility for your fulfilment. We integrate with hundreds of service providers and if something is missing, our team can build bespoke integrations to work with your business.

Learn more about our Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Magento fulfilment services.

Frequently asked questions

What is order management?

Order management refers to the process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling an order at a standard that meets or exceeds a customer’s expectations. The process generally involves the following stages: receiving a customer’s order, fulfilling the order (pick, pack, and ship), and handling post-sales processes, which can include customer returns.

How does an order management system work?

An order management system works by consolidating orders from all of a company’s sales channels in one place. If, for instance, you sold products on Amazon, eBay and a Magento site, you would be able to track and manage all the orders from these channels on one platform with an order management system. Zendportal gives you complete visibility and control over orders, inventory, fulfilment, and customer returns.

How can an order management system help my business?

An order management system like Zendportal can help your business by automating the process of tracking and managing orders so that you can:

  • Save time and costs
  • Minimise the chance of errors
  • Delivery orders quickly and efficiently
  • Accurately predict and meet customer demand
  • Achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction with your brand
  • Focus on growing your business
What is an order management system?

An order management system (OMS) is a platform that automates the entire order management process for your business, handling all of the functions involved in getting a customer’s order to their door. It enables you to view, track and manage each order from start to finish, and also helps you analyse the overall efficiency of the process. Moreover, an OMS provides important reporting and insights so that you can track your critical business KPIs.

Why is order management important for eCommerce businesses?

Order management is important for eCommerce businesses because it is key to delivering on what customers have paid for and expect from the brand. Efficient order management means you can sell on multiple channels with ease, enabling your business to scale quickly and increase its earning potential, whilst maintaining an outstanding customer experience.

Do all 3PL providers offer an order management system?

Most 3PL providers operate using a warehouse management system (WMS), but not all will also offer an order management system (OMS). The best order management systems will automate key stages of the fulfilment process, enabling you to save time and costs, minimise errors, and react quickly to real-time market demands with accurate forecasting. Therefore, you will need to do your research before choosing your 3PL provider.

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