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How eCommerce fulfilment works with Zendbox

Using state-of-the-art technology and extensive industry experience, Zendbox empowers D2C brands to simplify their eCommerce operations and deliver the best customer experiences. Discover how we work.

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No matter whether you are new to 3PL fulfilment or switching from your current 3PL provider, our award-winning service is fit for fast-growing eCommerce brands. It’s easy to outsource your fulfilment to Zendbox. Here's how it works...

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We connect to your channels

When you partner with Zendbox, our Easy Onboarding process will begin. We will connect to your online sales channels to take responsibility for your order fulfilment. We integrate with many of the most popular eCommerce platforms and can provide a custom solution that works for your business.

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You send your stock to Zendbox

During our Easy Onboarding process, you will send your stock to our world-class fulfilment centres, where we handle thousands of products with varying storage and shipping requirements. Rest assured that your products will be quality checked, processed, and safely stored.

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You start selling to customers

Once your stock is housed within our fulfilment centres and we have integrated with your eStores, you can start selling to your customers! Each order will be automatically received by our intelligent Zendportal platform, which enables you to view, track, and manage everything in real-time.

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We pick & pack your orders

We will pick and pack your orders with 99.999% accuracy, ensuring your customers receive the right products on time and in excellent condition. For the ultimate brand experience, we can even pack your orders using custom packaging and order inserts.

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We dispatch your orders

We will prepare your orders to be delivered, using our innovative MagicShip system to select the best shipping service at the most competitive price for each package. Tracking information is automatically provided to your customers upon dispatch so they know exactly where their order is.

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Your customers are delighted

Your customers will receive their order on time, the next working day after purchase. They will be delighted by the experience, which will ultimately drive greater brand loyalty, more 5-star online reviews, and repeat business. Delivering unforgettable unboxing experiences has never been easier with Zendbox!

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Accurate deliveries

"Our previous 3PL was losing our stock, causing delay to our orders and affecting our margins. Zendbox has completely eliminated these errors."

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Charlie Munton

Why partner with Zendbox for
your eCommerce fulfilment?

With over a decade of eCommerce experience, we understand the opportunities and challenges of this fast-paced sector. Trust Zendbox to take care of your fulfilment operations so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Ultra-late order cut-off time of 9pm

Our research shows that 35% of online orders are placed between 4pm and 9pm. We can help you get ahead of the online giants, convert more customers, and win more 5-star reviews with our industry-leading 9pm order cut-off time.  

This gives you an additional 25+ hours a week to achieve optimal conversion rates during peak sales periods like Black Friday. Ultra-fast and flexible order processing times means you can offer the best fulfilment experiences to your customers.

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Easy Onboarding

When you join Zendbox, our dedicated Onboarding Team will be assigned to guide you through the transition to our premium service. Our Easy Onboarding process involves sending your stock to us, whilst we connect to your online store(s). We also provide training, advice, and automatic enrolment to our post-launch HyperCare support package to ensure the ongoing success of your move to Zendbox.

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Easy Switch

Is your current 3PL provider failing to meet your needs? Looking to move to Zendbox? Our Easy Switch process takes the headache out of making the switch, ensuring zero downtime or disruption to your business or customers. The process is a stress-free one, thanks to in-depth planning and management of the transition from incumbent to Zendbox.

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Real-time storage

Equipped with the latest security systems, our organic fulfilment centres can store thousands of different products. Rest assured that we charge storage by volume, based on the cubic metre space your stock is taking up in real-time. This means you never pay for space that your stock isn’t using for a truly cost-effective solution.

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Expert pick and pack solution

We pick and pack thousands of items every day with 99.999% accuracy. We leverage automated technology and advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) to maintain a seamless process. This means customers receive the right products on time and in pristine condition for a 5-star unboxing experience.

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Instagrammable unboxings

Our fulfilment service flexes to suit your business needs. If you want to take the unboxing experience to the next level, we can help by packing your products in custom branded packaging. This can set your business apart from the competition and get your products trending on social media.

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The best shipping services

Our partnerships with the biggest and best couriers worldwide enable us to secure the best shipping services at the most competitive rate, with the savings passed on to you and your customers. Our intelligent MagicShip system also automates carrier selection for every order to ensure the best value option for your customers.

customer placing return label on box

Hassle-free customer returns

Give your customers the easy returns process they want with Zendbox. We follow a rigorous 3-step returns process that ensures your customers receive a great experience. In turn, your business saves on the costs, time, and headache of managing returns and handling customer service queries.

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Omnichannel strategy

Around 73% of consumers prefer shopping online through multiple channels. We can support your omnichannel selling strategy by integrating with multiple eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay and many more.

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Live inventory and order management

Leverage Zendportal and its intuitive Inventory Analysis feature to keep your finger on the pulse of your stock, determine exactly when to reorder from your suppliers, and ensure your bestselling products are never out of stock. With real-time updates as items are bought online and fulfilled, you are always in control.

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Trust the hundreds of top brands who power their eCommerce fulfilment with Zendbox.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a 3PL if I’m currently fulfilling in-house?

Many businesses can make the switch from fulfilling in-house to fulfilling through a 3PL provider. However, many providers will typically have their own criteria for the type and size of businesses they can fulfil orders for. At Zendbox, we primarily work with fast-growing, medium- to large-sized eCommerce businesses that are receiving a minimum of 20 orders per day. Request a demo to find out if Zendbox is the right fit for your online business.

How do you fulfil orders?

At Zendbox, we follow a 3-step process to fulfil orders for eCommerce businesses: 

Step 1 involves sending your stock to our world-class fulfilment centres, where it will be quality checked, processed, and safely stored. We will also connect to your online sales channels to take responsibility for your order fulfilment.

Step 2 is when you can start selling to your customers. Each order will be automatically received by our intelligent Zendportal platform. Here is where you can view, track, and manage orders as they move through the fulfilment process. 

Step 3 is when we will pick, pack, and ship your orders with 99.999% accuracy, ensuring your customers receive their products on time and in excellent condition. We can also provide post-purchase support in the form of hassle-free customer returns management.

Why outsource eCommerce fulfilment to a 3PL?

Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfilment to a 3PL provider can ultimately save you time and costs associated with fulfilling orders in-house, meaning you can devote more of your attention to other areas of your business such as product development and marketing. It also enables you to achieve and maintain a consistently high-quality process of fulfilling orders to ensure your customers receive their order on time and excellent condition. This can drive brand loyalty, 5-star online reviews, and repeat business. For eCommerce businesses looking to sell to even more customers, outsourcing fulfilment to a 3PL provider can even facilitate shipping internationally, including within the lucrative EU market.

How do I move to Zendbox from my current 3PL provider?

Our Easy Switch and Easy Onboarding processes make it simple and straightforward to transition from your incumbent 3PL provider to Zendbox. It is optimised to ensure zero hassle, disruption, or downtime, alleviating the stress and anxiety you might be feeling about making a successful move. As part of our Easy Onboarding process, you will be automatically enrolled to our HyperCare support package to ensure the ongoing success of our service post-launch.

What types of products do you handle?

Our premium fulfilment service is equipped to handle thousands of items with varying storage, packing, and shipping requirements. We process products ranging from non-perishable food and drinks, to cosmetics, clothes, books, toys and games, small homewares, and more.

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