International shipping powered by Fulfilment Intelligence.

Complicated shipping costs and frustrating courier relationships become a thing of the past with Zendbox’s powerful Fulfilment Intelligence tools.

Magic Ship

Access to fully tracked, premium services from all leading couriers at the best price, with no hidden surcharges. Fully automated for efficiency and tracked in ZendPortal, right up to your customer’s door.

Magic Ship is more than just shipping AI

Regardless of how much you ship, you’ll get the best price thanks to our global partnership network with the biggest international courier companies.
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Ecommerce fulfilment specialists

Our order fulfilment specialists ensure all prices are up-to-date and include any hidden surcharges. Prices are imported and organised by multiple variables including:


Delivery Speed


Delivery Zone

Product Type

Country of Origin

Industry-Leading Cut Off Times

Today’s consumers expect Amazon Prime-like services for home delivery. If you aren't offering late cut-off times and keeping up with the online giants, you could be losing business and hurting your online reviews.

In fact, 36% of online shoppers mentioned that early cut off times was a primary reason they abandoned their cart or went elsewhere.

Zendbox offers a 7:30pm cut off time from Monday to Friday. Other 3PL's and fulfilment partners have an earlier cut off time, usually around 4pm-5pm.

Zendbox also offers Sunday Processing and Dispatching, which means your customers can get their products on Monday if they are ordered on the weekend.

If you are looking for a new 3PL Partner with longer cut off times, Zendbox is the perfect solution for you!

Smarter Shipping

Our team uses fulfilment data from thousands of previous deliveries to ensure the most reliable shipping service is always prioritised for certain delivery countries or product types.

Seamless Automation

When you receive an order, Magic Ship comes into play and automatically assigns the best shipping option to meet your customer’s demands.

Clear Pricing

With clear up-front pricing and no hidden surcharges, you’ll know exactly what to charge your customers for delivery, meaning you’ll never be caught out with expensive shipping costs again. 

Your customers can continue to choose from the delivery options they expect, at a price you can rely on. Fulfilment intelligence gives you the competitive edge.

Full visibility with ZendPortal

All orders are shipped using fully trackable services. You’ll have complete visibility on your customer orders via your ZendPortal. We look after any courier errors or delays as well, so your customer service is all in one place.
fedex fulfilment
Zendbox’s powerful AI ensures you pick the best courier, which saves you time, saves you money and leads to more 5-star customer reviews.

Regardless of how much you ship, you’ll get the best price thanks to our global partnership network with the biggest courier companies.

Magic Ship

Find out more about our transparent pricing and Magic Ship AI.
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BootBuddyCheeky PandaGhost EnergySkinspace beauty and makeup

Zendbox’s service is phenomenal. They successfully dispatched 3,000 units in a 24-hour turnaround time. The team’s service is on par with Amazon’s delivery speeds.

CEO, Boot Buddy

Reduction in tickets
Cut off time

Before Zendbox, it was chaos. Now we’re making smarter fulfilment decisions. It’s like having a whole team of ecommerce experts on hand.

CEO, Julie Chen

Faster deliveries
Sustainable packaging
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We were looking for a solution we could trust. Zendbox provides the stock visibility and security we need.

Managing Director, The Hut Group

Zendbox ticks all the boxes for us. Every order is delivered on time, every time. Which means, more happy and loyal customers for Ghost.

CEO, Ghost

Monthly orders
Annual logistics savings

Our previous 3PL was losing our stock, causing delay to our orders and affecting our margins. Zendbox has completely eliminated these errors for us.

CEO, Skinspace

Accurate orders

Zendbox set their standards very high. They pitch themselves with the best in Europe, and Zendbox's metrics support that. That level of excellence is where we want to be aligned with.

CEO, Mr Tubs

Lightning speed
Accurate fulfilment
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Frequently asked questions

How are shipping costs calculated at Zendbox?

Shipping costs at Zendbox are variable in nature and calculated based on a range of factors, including weight, dimensions, product type, delivery speed, destination, and much more. We utilise our own intelligent shipping tool – MagicShip – to automate carrier selection for every parcel, ensuring you and your customers benefit from the best shipping rate per order, with no hidden surcharges.

How can Zendbox help my business reduce shipping costs? 

Zendbox maintains a strong partnership network with the biggest and best courier companies in the world, including but not limited to DPD, UPS, Fedex, Royal Mail, DHL, Parcelforce, Hermes, and Amazon Logistics. We also leverage our own intelligent shipping tool – MagicShip – to automate carrier selection for every parcel. As a result, we have the purchasing power and flexibility to select the optimal service type at the best possible price for each parcel, regardless of your shipping demands. This means you and your customers benefit from ultra-fast, cost-effective shipping that rivals Amazon.

What are the order processing cut-off times for Zendbox?

We offer an industry-leading order processing cut-off time of 7.30pm, Monday to Friday. Many other 3PL providers maintain an earlier cut-off time (usually around 1pm), with additional fees charged to accommodate a 4pm cut-off time. Zendbox also offers Sunday Processing and Dispatching, meaning your customers can receive their products on a Monday if they place their order over the weekend.

Can Zendbox ship orders using custom packaging solutions?

Absolutely. At Zendbox, we fully encourage the use of bespoke packaging unique to your brand, including customised boxes, infills, stickers, and much more. After all, a unique unboxing experience can help to set you apart from the competition and increase the likelihood of repeat customers. Please just let us know if this is something you are interested in, and a dedicated Account Manager will be able to tailor your fulfilment package to a custom packaging service.

Does Zendbox fulfil B2B orders?

Yes. The team at Zendbox has over 10 years of experience in B2B fulfilment, offering a premium solution that takes care of the entire process – from stocking and managing inventory, to picking, packing, and shipping large, wholesale products from our world-class fulfilment centres. You can find out more about our B2B Fulfilment Solution here.

Where does Zendbox ship to?

Besides the UK and EU countries, Zendbox can ship orders to most non-EU countries and territories. The complete list of global destinations we ship to is available upon request.

What carriers can Zendbox negotiate shipping rates with?

We can negotiate discounts on shipping with most of the carriers within our partnership network. These discounts can be applied to both domestic and international rates across different service levels, with cost-savings passing down to you and your customers.

Does Zendbox follow a sustainable approach to shipping?

Yes. At Zendbox, we believe that fulfilment has a key role to play in helping the eCommerce industry cut carbon emission and protect the environment. We utilise our intelligent MagicShip tool to identify and select only those carriers who focus on developing and implementing sustainable transport solutions. The sustainability of our shipping process is further supported by the green initiatives we have adopted across our operations, including: 

  • Eco-friendly packaging solutions
  • The elimination of single-use plastic wherever possible 
  • Green fulfilment centres that draw on renewable energy sources 
  • Carbon offsetting with the planting of 50 trees for every new client we onboard
Does Zendbox offer customer returns?

Yes. Zendbox offers a streamlined and efficient customer returns process for UK orders that ensures you and your customer benefit from the best possible experience. For information on the processing of EU and non-EU returns, please contact Zendbox directly.

How can Zendbox streamline the shipping process for my eCommerce business?

Zendbox can streamline the shipping process for your eCommerce business by utilising cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our knowledgeable team. During onboarding, Zendbox will connect with your online store and marketplace accounts, activating our automated fulfilment process each time an order is placed on these platforms. You can be confident that every order will be picked and packed with utmost speed and accuracy to facilitate ultra-fast shipping. 

Our intelligent MagicShip tool will then automatically draw from thousands of data points to select the best shipping option for each package. This ensures your customers benefit from the fastest, most superior shipping service for their order at the best possible price, encouraging repeat business and creating the opportunity to earn those all-important online reviews. 

Every order can be tracked and monitored via Zendportal – our powerful inventory management system that provides you with complete visibility and control over your orders. You can be confident that we will take care of any courier errors or delays to ensure the efficiency of the shipping process.