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Who we are

Zendbox has built an unrivalled reputation as one of the world’s most trusted eCommerce 3PL fulfilment providers. Our mission is to bring the best experience to our customers through innovative hardware, software, and services. With our support, eCommerce brands can free up time to focus on what matters most: growing and scaling their business.

We leverage automated Zendportal technology, the expertise of our diverse team, continued collaboration with leading couriers, and integrations with multiple sales platforms, ensuring our premium fulfilment service is best-in-class.

What we do

With our premium 3PL solution, we take care of the whole fulfilment process for your eCommerce business – from the pick, pack, and dispatch of orders, to inventory management, customer returns, and everything in between. We tailor our service according to the unique needs of your business, so you can scale up with complete peace-of-mind that your order fulfilment is in safe hands. 

Our commitment to excellence means that we go above and beyond, providing evidence-based insights and useful guidance to help our partners grow. Hundreds of eCommerce brands are already reaping the rewards of the comprehensive support we offer to their business beyond fulfilment.

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"Before Zendbox, it was chaos. Now we’re making smarter fulfilment decisions. It’s like having a whole team of eCommerce experts on hand"

Julie Chen
Our history
CEO, Zendbox

The eCommerce fulfilment solution I wish I'd had.

Zendbox was born out of a desire to revolutionise fulfilment, when founder and CEO, James Khoury, faced challenge after challenge in fulfilling orders for his online business.

James had established the business in 2010 and experienced first-hand the difficulties of selling online, making every mistake an eCommerce retailer could make - from poor stock and warehouse management, to weak logistics and complex customer returns.

By far the biggest headache for me was fulfilment. I remember many sleepless nights of picking and packing to get hundreds of orders out the door.

A lack of automated technology meant James had no real visibility or control over his fulfilment operations. He discovered that getting the right products to the right customers in the most efficient and profitable way was tough to achieve... but not impossible.

When I realised that the current fulfilment solutions weren't fit for purpose, I decided to set a new standard and built Zendbox.

Zendbox is now the fulfilment powerhouse behind some of the world's leading eCommerce brands. Through our game-changing fulfilment service, our partners benefit from tangible results in the form of happier customers, positive online reviews, and repeat business that drives profitability.

Our customer-centric approach to eCommerce fulfilment is what sets us apart, enabling us to continue expanding our partnership base and grow at a rapid pace. Today, we are ranked a Clutch Top 10 Global Leader in Order Fulfilment and the best is yet to come...
Zendbox is the fulfilment solution I wish I'd had when I was first starting out in eCommerce.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Zendbox?

Zendbox is an industry-leading 3PL offering a premium eCommerce fulfilment solution. The service from Zendbox is tailored according to the unique needs of each business, so that they can scale up rapidly, keep their customers happy, and strengthen their brand.

Who created Zendbox?

Zendbox was created by Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), James Khoury, who believed that fulfilment was in need of a radical transformation, after experiencing decades of challenges with the industry as an eCommerce business owner. Zendbox is now the fulfilment powerhouse behind some of the world’s biggest and most renowned eCommerce brands.

Who does Zendbox partner with?

Zendbox specialises in fulfilment services for eCommerce brands, offering extensive support beyond the fulfilment journey that enables Zendbox to become an integral part of its partners’ businesses.

What does Zendbox do?

As one of the world’s most trusted fulfilment specialists, Zendbox takes care of the whole fulfilment process for eCommerce businesses – from the pick, pack and dispatch of orders, to inventory management, customer returns, and everything in between. Zendbox ensures its fulfilment service is best-in-class by leveraging automated technology with Zendportal, the expertise of a diverse team, continued collaboration with world-class couriers, and integration with multiple web platforms.

What is Zendbox’s specialty?

Zendbox has and continues to partner with hundreds of eCommerce brands from various industries, including FMCG, sports nutrition, fashion, beauty, B2B, and many more. Businesses choose to partner with Zendbox for its exceptional service and eco-friendly credentials. Find out more about the Zendbox team’s sustainability goals.

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