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Choosing the wrong fulfilment company for your business can be costly and damaging to your brand’s reputation. Zendbox is the fulfilment partner you can trust to understand your unique requirements and help your business thrive within the B2C environment.
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What is B2C eCommerce fulfilment?

In the eCommerce world, B2C fulfilment is when a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider handles the processes involved with delivering online orders from the brand’s channels directly to the end-customer. These processes include storing stock, managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and handling customer returns – amongst other tasks.

At Zendbox, we offer a premium fulfilment service for every kind of B2C business

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How is B2C fulfilment different from B2B?

B2C stands for Business-to-Consumers whilst B2B stands for Business-to-Business.

B2C fulfilment differs from B2B in the following ways:

  • B2C brands sell their products directly to their consumers.
  • Shipping patterns can be less consistent and predictable
  • B2C fulfilment typically requires handling a higher volume of small orders, which can be difficult and time-consuming to fulfil in-house
  • B2C customers are generally much more concerned about delivery times, meaning that even minor delays can lead to customer dissatisfaction

One way to overcome these unique challenges is to partner with a 3PL provider for B2C fulfilment. As one of the industry’s most trusted 3PLs, Zendbox has the necessary infrastructure in place to handle a high volume of small orders quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on growing your eCommerce business.

Why partner with Zendbox for your B2C fulfilment?

Zendbox is a reliable and experienced 3PL provider with a proven track record of success. With first-hand experience of selling online, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and are committed to providing an outstanding fulfilment service by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Safe and sustainable storage

Our advanced fulfilment centres are equipped to store every kind of product. They offer safe, secure, and clean storage that is tailored to the individual requirements of your B2C business, including temperature-controlled products and space for high volume items. Even better, we use green energy to power our fulfilment centres making them a cleaner and more cost-effective option than traditional warehousing. Find out more about the benefits of using a fulfilment centre.

Omnichannel selling

In the UK alone, Amazon and eBay account for a combined 40% of all ecommerce sales. Boosting your B2C business is even easier with integrations from Zendbox. Our technology allows us to seamlessly sync with your online store, whether that’s a single platform or multiple channels, so you can increase your selling potential through absolute visibility across all eStores.

First-class delivery services

We have built our carrier relationships over several years, and work with some of the most trusted names in the industry. Fulfilling B2C orders means understanding your individual product and knowing the best carrier for the job. Our MagicShip system automatically filters every variable to ensure your goods reach your customers quickly and at an inclusive and competitive rate.

Premium picking and packing

Some goods can be trickier to prepare than others. With Zendbox, you’re guaranteed a professional pick and pack service that includes eco-friendly packaging, as well as bespoke or branded options. Our proven 99.999% order accuracy record also means your customers get exactly what they ordered so you achieve high customer retention and a service to shout about.

Complete inventory oversight

Our Zendportal platform gives you complete visibility over your stock. For beauty or health-related items, for example, you can easily oversee batch control and expiry dates to minimise waste. As soon as a product is picked and packed ready for shipping, your stock levels will be automatically updated to prevent overselling and avoid any disappointed customers.

International shipping

If you’re planning to expand your B2C eCommerce business into the global market, our UK and EU fulfilment centres make it easy. Scaling into other countries often requires additional administration, but Zendbox takes care of the red tape so you can maximise your sales potential in every location, from Europe to the US and beyond.

Zendbox is a specialist in B2C eCommerce 3PL services

Our premium 3PL fulfilment solution is backed by extensive experience in eCommerce. Explore our Success Stories with leading brands that we support in delivering the best unboxing experience to their customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between B2C and B2B fulfilment?

The main difference between B2C and B2B order fulfilment is the size of the orders. B2B fulfilment often involves large orders being sent to one place, whereas B2C is generally lots of smaller orders going to different locations. The customer journey can also be very different, with B2C customers more likely to be unhappy if an order does not arrive when expected. Using a 3PL provider gives customers visibility on their order with live tracking updates and fast turnaround times.

What delivery options do I get with order fulfilment?

We also offer Sunday order processing and dispatching, and an industry-leading order cut-off time of 9pm to make sure more customers get their orders the next working day.

What are your packaging options?

There are a range of packaging options available when you fulfil your eCommerce orders with a 3PL provider like Zendbox. We can use non-branded packaging for ease of use or to keep costs lower, and have fully sustainable packaging options that we encourage every client to take advantage of. We are also able to offer bespoke packaging to ensure a branded experience at every touchpoint of your buyer’s journey.

Can I trust a 3PL provider to look after my customers?

A 3PL provider is solely responsible for the fulfilment of your eCommerce orders. They do not need to manage PR, social media or new stock, so can concentrate on getting orders where they should be and in perfect condition. Next-day delivery options, live tracking and accurate stock updates mean that customers are taken care of at every step of their eCommerce journey.

Can I have goods delivered directly to my 3PL provider?

Zendbox can offer end-to-end shipping options so that your goods can come directly from your supplier and into our fulfilment centres. Our advanced inventory management system will allocate stock and organise batches if required. Orders can then be immediately fulfilled with no disruption or downtime.

What kinds of B2C companies can use a 3PL?

At Zendbox, we work with a wide range of B2C companies, from fast-growing businesses to large enterprises. We understand that every business is different, and we tailor our fulfilment services to meet the specific needs of each client.