Intelligent Ecommerce Fulfilment Centres.

World-class ecommerce fulfilment centres combined with powerful AI technology means more than just picking, packing and shipping...

Fulfilment Intelligence across our UK warehouses ensures a fast, accurate and efficient service. We understand the impact of well organised logistics and have designed our processes to take the stress away.

We love tech.

In fact, our fulfilment centres are full to the roof with the latest warehouse technology. We’re proud to store your products in our best-in-class fulfilment centres, which are safe and secure, and ensure operational excellence.

24hr Stock Check-In.

Sometimes you need to move inventory, fast. Unlike most 3PLs, we check your stock within 24-hours, which means you’re less likely to undersell and miss out on sales.


You’ll have a designated storage area with all stock items in one place. Our storage billing is live and volumetric, based on the cubic metres you are using that day. Meaning you’ll never pay for space that you’re not using. 

Quality Control.

When your stock is received we run a three-point check. We scan each individual item into stock, ensuring the correct number of items have been received and any damaged goods are accounted for. 


Our fulfilment centres have stringent security measures to ensure all stock is accounted for. You won’t need to worry about shrinkage, as our best-in-class technology ensures 100% visibility on your items. 


Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We offer bespoke packaging solutions, allowing you to deliver a branded experience right to your customers doorstep. 


Returns are made easy with fulfilment intelligence. Any undamaged items returned to the warehouse will automatically be scanned back into your inventory and stock levels will be adjusted in real-time.

Peak Period Planning.

We’ll help you prepare for peak periods in advance. Our operations team will ensure the resources are on hand to meet your peak demands and every order is fulfilled without delay.

Inventory Management.

With Zendportal you’ll be able to see your stock levels in real time. From expected supplier deliveries to returns, you’ll have complete control and visibility of your inventory.

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We provide services for any industry.

Sports and Nutrition Fulfilment.

We are the industry experts in sports nutrition fulfilment. We work with the world’s leading sports and nutrition brands to deliver a service that is efficient, secure and backed by technology. Our flexible packing facilities ensure items are dispatched with minimum packaging waste and our late cut-off times ensure 99% of packages are dispatched on the same day.

Fashion Fulfilment.

We work with leading retailers to deliver top fashion fulfilment services for luxury brands. Zendbox can integrate with your online stores and marketplaces to ensure complete stock visibility and full management of your fashion returns process. Undamaged items are automatically scanned back into your inventory and are ready for resale in real-time. Bespoke branded packaging options, next-day couriers and tracked shipping ensure your customers receive the ultimate brand experience.

Beauty Fulfilment.

Our three-point stock scanning system provides beauty retailers with the most accurate and secure stock management in the industry. We scan individual items in and out of our fulfilment centres, allowing us complete accuracy and eliminating any missing item errors or theft. Our efficient picking and packing processes are fully backed by tech so you can have complete visibility of your stock as it moves through the system. Our Zendportal gives you flexibility to amend or change orders right up to dispatch.

Food and Drink Fulfilment.

We provide fulfilment services for FMCG, food and drink retailers. Our 24 hour stock check-in promise, stock accuracy and speedy dispatch times ensure stock moves quickly through the fulfilment process. We integrate with the leading industry EDI technology to ensure your business can continue to grow B2B operations with grocery retailers including Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Boots.

Eco-friendly Fulfilment.

We provide services for leading eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Our specialised warehousing, environmentally friendly packaging and long-term plan towards creating a sustainable future ensure a fully sustainable fulfilment process. You can rest assured that your eco-friendly products are stored and delivered to the customer using processes that uphold your brand values. Find out more about our sustainability promise.

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Zendbox’s service is phenomenal. They successfully dispatched 3,000 units in a 24-hour turnaround time. The team’s service is on par with Amazon’s delivery speeds.

CEO, Boot Buddy

Reduction in tickets
Cut off time

Before Zendbox, it was chaos. Now we’re making smarter fulfilment decisions. It’s like having a whole team of ecommerce experts on hand.

CEO, Julie Chen

Faster deliveries
Sustainable packaging
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We were looking for a solution we could trust. Zendbox provides the stock visibility and security we need.

Managing Director, The Hut Group

Zendbox ticks all the boxes for us. Every order is delivered on time, every time. Which means, more happy and loyal customers for Ghost.

CEO, Ghost

Monthly orders
Annual logistics savings

Our previous 3PL was losing our stock, causing delay to our orders and affecting our margins. Zendbox has completely eliminated these errors for us.

CEO, Skinspace

Accurate orders

Zendbox set their standards very high. They pitch themselves with the best in Europe, and Zendbox's metrics support that. That level of excellence is where we want to be aligned with.

CEO, Mr Tubs

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