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If you’re looking to optimise your fulfilment processes as an eBay seller and deliver the best customer experience, reach out to the eCommerce experts at Zendbox.

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Seamless eBay sales with an
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With 185 million active buyers and 19 million sellers worldwide, eBay is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Stand out from the competition by delivering the best customer experience through award-winning eBay fulfilment from Zendbox. Here’s how we work…


We connect to your eBay store

When you partner with Zendbox, our Easy Onboarding process will begin. This will involve sending your stock to our organically certified fulfilment centres, whilst we connect to your eBay store to take responsibility of your order fulfilment.


Sell to your eBay customers

Once the Easy Onboarding process is complete, you can start selling to customers on eBay! Each order will be automatically received by our intelligent Zendportal platform, which provides real-time visibility of your orders and your inventory.


We fulfil your eBay orders

We will pick, pack, and ship your orders with 99.999% accuracy. Tracking information is automatically provided to your customer, so that they can track their order from dispatch to delivery, reducing the risk of “Where is my order?” (WISMO) queries.


Customers are delighted

Your eBay customers will receive their order on time and in perfect condition for the best online shopping experience. This will ultimately drive greater brand loyalty, more 5-star online reviews, and repeat business through your eBay store. Discover more about how to keep your customers happy with our guide on eCommerce and the customer experience.

Optimise your back-end eBay processes

Streamline the process of selling on eBay using state-of-the-art Zendbox technology. Once your products are stored at our world-class fulfilment centres, you’ll have access to our intelligent Zendportal system. View, track, and manage your eBay orders from initial placement, right through to delivery and customer returns.

Live stock level information

When a product sells out, any listing on your eBay store will automatically end, so you never oversell and avoid disappointing customers. In turn, your stock levels are updated on Zendportal in real-time. Zendportal provides full visibility of your products and eBay orders, ensuring complete eBay seller protection across the fulfilment process.

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Keep your eBay customers updated

Once a customer completes their transaction on your eBay store, they want their order as soon as possible. The eBay fulfilment service from Zendbox means your customers benefit from:

A late order cut-off time of 9pm

Automatic notification of order dispatch

Live tracking updates at every shipping stage

eCommerce platform & courier integrations

Zendbox can support your omnichannel selling strategy with a whole host of other eCommerce platform integrations besides eBay. We also integrate with the biggest and most renowned carriers to ship online orders worldwide.

Zendbox integrates and fulfils orders
for 100s of leading brands

Boost your eBay sales with Zendbox fulfilment

Zendbox can revolutionise your eBay back-end processes, ensuring happy customers that return to your eBay store time and time again. From maximising the overall efficiency of your eCommerce operations, to automating processes across the customer journey, the possibilities are limitless.

Explore your options today and accelerate the growth of your eBay store with game-changing fulfilment from Zendbox.

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Frequently asked questions

What is eBay fulfilment?

eBay fulfilment refers to the processes involved with getting your eBay orders to customers, including warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping. It can also encompass inventory management, customer returns, and much more. One of the ways you can fulfil eBay orders is by outsourcing the process to a trusted 3PL (third-party logistics) provider.

Does eBay have its own fulfilment service?

Currently, eBay offers its own fulfilment service by outsourcing the process to an external logistics firm. However, this solution might not meet your unique business requirements, which is why businesses looking to level up can benefit from working with a 3PL provider that will tailor their service according to your needs and preferences. The right 3PL will make eBay fulfilment quick, easy, and hassle-free, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Can I ship my eBay orders internationally?

Many 3PL providers offer international shipping for eBay orders, enabling you to sell to customers across the world. At Zendbox, shipping for eBay orders includes destinations within the UK and EU.

Why use an eBay fulfilment service?

By working with an eBay 3PL provider, you can free up more of your time to focus on other areas of your business, including product development, marketing, and customer service. The best 3PL will be able to improve the efficiency of your fulfilment process without compromising on quality, ensuring that your customers continue to benefit from an exceptional shopping experience with your brand. This can ultimately help drive customer loyalty, promote 5-star online reviews, and encourage repeat business.

Using an eBay fulfilment service can also mean that you and your customers take advantage of more cost-effective shipping, as many eBay 3PL providers are able to use different carriers and negotiate the best rates for each service. Another advantage of outsourcing your eBay fulfilment to a trusted 3PL company is that you are often supported with end-to-end inventory management, ensuring you avoid under or overstocking and save on inventory holding costs.

Are there a range of shipping options available for eBay fulfilment?

If you decide to outsource your eBay fulfilment to a 3PL, you and your customers will be able to tap into the many different shipping services that most 3PLs offer as part of their service. What’s more, the right 3PL will be able to negotiate the most competitive shipping rates on your behalf, so your customers benefit from ultra-fast delivery of their orders at the best price.