Pick & Pack Fulfilment Service

An efficient pick and pack fulfilment service can make a massive difference to your business.

Picked, packed & delivered with artificial intelligence.

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Why pick and pack fulfilment?

First, it can cut costs, through increasing the efficiency of your overall product delivery process. At Zendbox, our system is highly specialised, allowing for maximum accuracy with minimal errors, operating at a standard that non-specialised warehouses will struggle to meet.

Second, it can greatly improve the end customer experience. Specialised packaging operators can not only pick and pack accurately, we can do so with an appreciation of style and attention to detail, both of which contribute to the receipt of your products.

The pick and pack fulfilment process

Pick and pack fulfilment is a two-part service which happens prior to the shipping stage in the order fulfilment process.

First, using a picking list, items are found in the warehouse and brought to the packing area. As items are picked, stock levels are immediately updated in the online stock inventory, allowing for real time data analysis.

Next, they are put into the appropriate boxes, and prepared for delivery. A wide variety of boxes should be available, to keep waste down and to ensure that the item is safely packaged, ready for collection by the courier.

End-to-end Fulfilment

Pick and pack is a vital aspect of any end-to-end fulfilment service. If a warehouse is ill equipped to carry out the pick and pack process, the brand’s image will likely suffer as a result.

An ineffective pick and pack operation can lead to unnecessary and costly mistakes. If a customer receives the wrong item, the returns process will need to be paid for by the supplier.

If this kind of mistake becomes a regular occurrence, it can end up having a significant effect on profit margins.

These kinds of mistakes also reflect badly on the brand overall, potential leading to lost customers and a damaged reputation.

An integrated, personalised shipping service

Customers don’t like to feel like they’re one in a million. A high quality pick and pack service, such as that offered by Zendbox, will lead to a more highly regarded brand, and a better overall customer experience.

Zendbox offers a number of highly specialised packaging services. Through outsourcing the whole process to a 3PL provider such as ourselves, you can dramatically improve both the appearance and consistency of your packaging.

These improvements will in turn reflect positively on your brand, helping to keep old customers and attract new ones.

Speedy, Accurate Order Fulfilment

Packaging isn’t just an aesthetic concern – there are also regulations which need to be complied with. 

Zendbox have experience operating on a global level, and as a result, have practical knowledge of the different packaging requirements across the world. 

This experience allows us to provide you with a slick pick and pack process, avoiding some of the potential errors that less experienced providers might make.

Our highly specialised warehouses allow for speedy yet accurate order fulfilment, decreasing the overall time between a customer making their order and it arriving on their doorstep.

Take the next steps in optimising your fulfilment process

Zendbox can provide you with expert assistance with the pick and pack aspect, in addition to the rest of the fulfilment process.

By outsourcing the whole fulfilment process to the same provider, you can greatly improve your overall delivery efficiency, achieving a slick service that will help your business grow from strength to strength.

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