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Streamline your eCommerce operations with Zendportal. It's the trusted fulfilment software using real-time data to help online businesses keep their finger on the pulse of orders and inventory.

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Drive sales, reduce WISMO & promote customer loyalty

Zendtrack puts all your shipment data in one place and enables you to auto-send branded tracking notifications

  • Keep customers informed at every stage of delivery

  • Save time & eliminate a major drain on CS resources

  • Promote & cross-sell your products to increase LTV

  • Earn more 5-star reviews through delivery prompts

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inventory analysis
Make smarter business decisions with live analytics

Inventory Analysis puts real-time data and actionable insights at your fingertips, so you can better manage your stock and maximise every sales opportunity

  • Save time demand planning & quickly reorder from suppliers

  • Minimise stockouts to retain customers & increase sales

  • Release cash tied up in overstock & reinvest in your business

  • Sell more strategically to prevent expired stock losses

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Global fulfilment made easy with MagicShip

For every order placed on your online store, our MagicShip system automatically assigns the best shipping options to meet your customers' needs

  • Take advantage of fast & competitive shipping services

  • Offer your customers multiple shipping options at checkout

  • Ship your products to 72+ countries, including key EU territories

  • Expand to new markets & fast-track your business growth

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Seamless fulfilment integrations

Zendbox can support your omnichannel selling strategy with a host of integrations for both eCommerce platforms and couriers

Unlock the growth potential of your eCommerce brand

Built with eCommerce scalability in mind, Zendportal's smart tools make order and inventory management easy, saving your business costs and freeing up your time to focus on growth.

View, track & manage

Total control and visibility of your eCommerce fulfilment, including orders, inventory and shipments

Simplify replenishments

Effortlessly monitor inventory health and streamline demand planning, forecasting and supplier reordering

48 hours
24 hours
2-3 days

Update delivery options

Control all shipments from one place with MagicShip, which enables easy delivery option changes

Shipping notifications

Send custom tracking notifications at every stage of delivery for a seamless brand experience

Real-time stock sync

Data is auto-synced with your sales channels for instant order and inventory management

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Reduce waste

Use live data to monitor stock closely and act fast on unnecessary overstock or soon-to-expire goods

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"Zendbox provided the means to monitor the fulfilment process and track inventory across multiple sales channels, including Shopify. With Zendportal, orders can be viewed, tracked, and edited while courier information can be checked. This capability allows for better stock management and an improved customer experience."

Luke Brabbin, eCommerce Team Leader at The Cheeky Panda

Luke Brabbin

The Cheeky Panda

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zendportal?

Zendportal is the proprietary fulfilment software from Zendbox. Built by a talented team of in-house developers, Zendportal is designed to be used by eCommerce businesses to optimise the management of orders and inventory.

How does Zendportal work?

Zendportal connects your sales channel(s) with our state-of-the-art systems at Zendbox, automatically syncing live data on orders and stock to ensure a two-way flow of information between your online store and our fulfilment centre(s). This is what makes it possible for Zendportal to display your stock levels, order updates and more in real-time, so you have complete control and visibility over your fulfilment operations. As Zendportal is also cloud-based, it can be accessed from any device, anywhere, so long as there is an internet connection.

Who can use Zendportal?

Zendportal boasts a sleek, modern and user-friendly design, which means it can be used by virtually anyone within an eCommerce business. It is offered as part of the fulfilment service provided by Zendbox, which means it is currently only available to eCommerce brands that work with us. If you want to experience our Zendportal technology in action, request a demo today.

What does Zendportal do?

Zendportal enables eCommerce businesses to view, track and manage their fulfilment operation using real-time data from one simple and easy-to-use platform. Businesses can use Zendportal to perform a wide range of order management tasks. These can include viewing where an order is in the fulfilment process, making changes to an order post-purchase, and automatically sending branded shipment tracking notifications to customers.

Zendportal also helps eCommerce businesses better manage their inventory. For instance, it can be used to create new SKUs, sync products by sales channel, map your store's shipping options to Zendbox, and raise inventory transfer requests, amongst other inventory management tasks.

With actionable analytics available through Zendportal's Inventory Analysis feature, online merchants can also use the platform to determine the right time to replenish stock, get a quick snapshot of their sales performance, and easily identify slow-moving or overstocked products to improve cashflow.

How can Zendportal help my eCommerce business?

Zendportal streamlines the process of managing orders and inventory, so that eCommerce brands can reduce costs, deliver fantastic fulfilment experiences to their customers, and free up time to focus on growth-focused projects such as marketing and product development.

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