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The perfect partner for your Magento fulfilment

You can trust Zendbox to be the perfect partner in fulfilling your Magento orders. We provide access to smart technology and real-time stock and order information, enabling Magento sellers to streamline their eCommerce operations.

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Scalable Magento stores

Outsourcing your Magento order fulfilment process to Zendbox means we take care of the heavy lifting and time-consuming admin involved with fulfilling orders. With live inventory data, the support of eCommerce experts, and access to a reliable carrier network, we can help you scale your Magento store at speed.

Why choose Magento fulfilment from Zendbox?

Our advanced warehouse technology and proprietary software seamlessly integrates with the backend of your Magento eCommerce website. When you choose to store and ship your Magento orders through Zendbox, you sign up to an award-winning fulfilment service with numerous benefits.

Cutting-edge Zendportal technology

With approximately 250,000 users worldwide, Magento is a leading eCommerce platform. Partnering with Zendbox gives you the support you need to move your business forward. Our bespoke-built, cloud-based Zendportal system provides you with powerful tools that enable you to view, track, and manage both your orders and stock, granting you complete control over the fulfilment process.

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Make better business decisions

Among the highlights of Zendportal is the innovative Inventory Analysis feature. It provides accurate and essential insights that are available no matter the time or location, and are exactly what you need to make important commercial decisions that revolve around:

Replenishing stock

Reordering from suppliers

Demand forecasting and planning

Acting on sale performance trends

Releasing cashflow from overstock

Clearing dead or slow-moving stock

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eCommerce platform & courier integrations

Zendbox can support your omnichannel selling strategy with a whole host of other eCommerce platform integrations besides Magento. We also integrate with the biggest and most renowned carriers to ship online orders worldwide.

Ultra-fast shipping

With late order cut-off times, same-day dispatch, and next-day delivery, your customers benefit from a fulfilment service that rivals Amazon Prime and enables you to compete on your own terms as an eCommerce brand.

Cost-effective storage

Our organically certified fulfilment centres are optimised to store a diverse and extensive range of products, enabling eCommerce businesses to save on storage costs and ensure their inventory is safely and securely stored.

Accurate pick & pack

We’re fussy about fulfilment, which is why we use automated technology to ensure Magento orders are picked, packed, and shipped with 99.999% accuracy. Stock levels are automatically updated in real-time, so you know exactly what you are holding within your inventory to minimise under or overselling of products.

Zendbox integrates and fulfils orders
for 100s of leading brands

Choose Zendbox as your Magento fulfilment partner

Our systems can revolutionise your Magento backend processes, ensuring happy customers that keep returning to your store and advocating for your brand on social media.

Following a sustainable approach to fulfilment that delivers the ultimate customer experience, Zendbox is the Magento fulfilment partner you’ve been searching for.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Magento?

Magento is a feature-rich, open-source eCommerce platform that enables users to build and develop their own online store. It is designed to be utilised by eCommerce retailers with very little knowledge and experience of web development, helping them connect with their customers and sell their products.

With access to hundreds of unique features, Magento’s users can control the aesthetic, functionality, and content of their online store, without compromising the shopping experience for its customers. Magento can also cater to any size store, making it easier for eCommerce retailers to scale up as they grow.

Magento offers a variety of tools, including those to facilitate:

  • Marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Product/inventory management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Customer service
How do I know if I need to outsource my Magento fulfilment?

There are several signs that it might be time for you to outsource your Magento fulfilment:

  • You’re spending too much time on fulfilment
  • You’re struggling to keep up with an increase in online sales
  • Your fulfilment costs are either too high or rapidly increasing
  • You want to expand your business internationally
  • Storage space for your inventory is limited
  • Managing your inventory is challenging
  • You’re looking to reduce costs within your business
  • You want to offer your customers a better shopping experience
  • You experience seasonal peaks in demand for your products
What is Magento fulfilment?

Outsourcing your Magento fulfilment is simple and straightforward. You can get your orders picked, packed and dispatched easily by using a ecommerce fulfilment provider. Zendbox is a specialist Magento fulfilment provider. Once our friendly team has been in touch to discuss your eCommerce fulfilment needs and how Zendbox could potentially support you, our expert team will create a tailored proposal with an online platform demo and a complete price breakdown of our services.

Upon proposal acceptance, our dedicated Onboarding Team will activate our easy onboarding process, which ensures zero hassle, downtime, or disruption to your business. Fulfilment with Zendbox will begin once we have connected to your Magento store and received your inventory at our world-class fulfilment centre(s), where it is safely and securely stored. It’s that easy!

What fulfilment services can be integrated with my Magento store?

Depending on the 3PL provider you choose, you can either integrate part or the entirety of the fulfilment process with your Magento store. The state-of-the-art systems at Zendbox will integrate with your Magento store to handle the entire fulfilment process for your eCommerce business – from an order being placed on your store, to picking, packing, and shipping, as well as customer returns.

Through Zendportal – where you will have complete visibility and control over the fulfilment process – you will also have access to valuable analytics and insights about your products, which you can leverage to stay ahead of the competition and enhance the profitability of your business.

Besides Magento, Zendbox can integrate with many other eCommerce channels to provide a comprehensive fulfilment solution suited to you and your business.

How can orders be fulfilled on Magento?

Magento enables eCommerce retailers to self-fulfil orders or outsource fulfilment to a 3PL partner of their choice, meaning they can tailor their operations as they desire. If you decide to outsource your Magento order fulfilment, your elected provider will receive all your Magento orders automatically once integrated with the platform. They will then fulfil orders on your behalf, eliminating the need for intervention and reducing the risk of errors within the fulfilment process.

Why should I outsource my Magento fulfilment?

Outsourcing your Magento fulfilment can offer numerous benefits. For instance, it can enable you to reduce your operating costs, extend your reach into new markets, and enhance the shopping experience for your customers with a more efficient service. In turn, you can free up time to focus on growing your business through other activities such as marketing and product development.

By outsourcing your Magento fulfilment to a trusted 3PL provider like Zendbox, you’re in safe hands with a leader who has developed an outstanding reputation within the industry. With zero hassle and downtime, we can integrate quickly and seamlessly with your Magento store using cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our knowledgeable team.

Once you’re onboarded, your customers will benefit from 99.999% order accuracy and ultra-fast shipping provided by Zendbox via your Magento store, helping to drive repeat business and keep customers happy. What’s more, you’ll be able to maximise your time on other areas of your business.

How long can it take to set-up the fulfilment process for my Magento store?

Setting up the fulfilment process for your Magento store can be quick and seamless. Once you have decided to join the Zendbox family, we can get your Magento fulfilment process up and running within a matter of days after connecting to your Magento store and receiving your inventory. Our dedicated Onboarding Team will liaise with you throughout onboarding to ensure the fulfilment process is set up as quickly as possible.

Can Zendbox help me scale my Magento backend operations more effectively?

Absolutely. Upon joining the Zendbox family, we will integrate with the backend of your Magento website using our bespoke inventory management platform, Zendportal. This will pull every order that is placed on your Magento site into our advanced systems, which will automatically alert our warehouse team to pick, pack, and ship the order. The automated nature of this integration eliminates the need for manual intervention, meaning you will have enough resources to handle larger amounts of expected traffic on your Magento site.