Zendbox awarded [.blue]Organic Certification[.blue] by the Soil Association

March 29, 2022

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We are proud to announce that Zendbox is officially certified as an organic operation by the Soil Association (SA).

This makes us the first-choice fulfilment partner for environmentally conscious businesses that are looking to outsource the storage, pick, pack, and shipment of their products. We provide a premium fulfilment solution for a range of pre-packaged goods, including food and drink items like supplements, in addition to beauty and cosmetic products.

Soil Association Symbol

The Soil Association symbol is an internationally recognised and trusted mark of organic certification. To be certified by the SA as an organic Food Processor (licence number: DA30929) means that our fulfilment operations comply with the highest organic standards and regulations. These include EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008, which are essential for businesses to adhere to if they are to sell food and drink products as “organic” in the UK. 

Zendbox’s organic certification covers:

  • Contract distribution Organic
  • Contract packing Organic
  • Contract storage Organic
  • Retail Organic

To maintain Soil Association certification, our operations are inspected regularly for compliance with all relevant organic regulations. This involves ensuring that:

  • Our warehouse operatives are suitably trained to handle organic products
  • We maintain robust processes for receiving goods and controlling stock, including batch products and goods with expiry dates
  • We maintain clean and tidy fulfilment centres
  • Products are appropriately warehoused according to their unique storage requirements

Our Organic Certification should instil further confidence among current and prospective Zendbox partners, that we correctly store, handle, and ship products in accordance with organic regulations. It ultimately demonstrates that we support eCommerce businesses with a fulfilment solution that is truly sustainable, responsible, and ensures as little impact on the environment as possible.

James Barber – Chief Operating Officer at Zendbox

To find out more about our Organic Certification – or how we can help your eCommerce business scale up with our sustainable fulfilment solutionget started on your fulfilment journey.

James Khoury
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zendbox

James is the vision, strategy, and passion behind Zendbox. With over 20 years' experience in eCommerce, James has become a key opinion leader within this space, offering his smart insights and guidance to support businesses in rapidly scaling up and delivering the best customer experiences.

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