James Khoury

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zendbox

James is the vision, strategy, and passion behind Zendbox – the industry-leading 3PL provider offering a premium eCommerce fulfilment solution. James’ entrepreneurial spirit has existed from an early age, when he began selling products online as a teenager. This ignited his obsession with technology, eCommerce customer experience, and consumer behaviour. 

Since then, James has established a series of market-leading, multi-million-pound eCommerce businesses, each launched without any external investment. He has also created his own highly profitable distribution channel, specialising in sports nutrition products. He continues to open the door for US brands to sell their products in the UK and the EU, making his distribution network for this market one of the biggest and most renowned worldwide. 

After experiencing the challenges of fulfilment first-hand, James quickly realised that the state of the industry was poor and, therefore, necessitated a radical transformation. He sought to provide a remedy to the pains that many online retailers face with traditional fulfilment solutions – hence, Zendbox was born. 

Now with over 20 years’ experience in eCommerce, James has become a key opinion leader within this space, offering his intelligent insights and guidance to support businesses in scaling up, whilst meeting the growing demands of consumers.

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