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Inventory Analysis that empowers you to make better business decisions

With real-time stock data at your fingertips, you can save time, boost profits, and achieve peak performance to dominate the competition. Inventory Analysis gives you complete control and visibility over your stock, so you avoid underselling or overselling and maximise sales.

Quickly reorder from suppliers

Save time on planning, demand forecasting, and reordering from your suppliers

Minimise stockouts

Retain your customers and increase sales by making sure your products are always available

Reduce overstocking

Release cash that is tied up in excess stock and reinvest this capital into growing your business

Prevent expired stock losses

Sell more strategically to capitalise on soon-to-expire products and, thus, minimise waste

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How inventory analysis can transform your business

Make your time count

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it trawling through complex inventory data. No matter whether you sell via one or multiple channels, important information about your stock is available in one place, making it easy to view your KPIs at a glance.

Speed up reordering

With data-driven demand forecasting, you can accurately pinpoint the right time to replenish stock and at exactly what quantity for each item. This enables you to work even closer with your suppliers and speed up the reordering process in order to maximise sales.

Never miss a sales opportunity

Leverage replenishment recommendations to maintain the ideal stock levels for each of your products, so that you avoid overstocking and never miss the opportunity to make a sale. This is key to attracting and retaining loyal customers, thus ensuring you stay ahead of competitors.

Reinvest cash released from overstock

Release cash that is tied up in overstocked products and optimise holding for reduced storage costs and improved cashflow. Reinvest this capital into other areas of your business to promote continued growth and success.

Stay proactive

Improve proactivity with your sales and marketing initiatives by taking decisive action such as offering promotions and discounts to sell overstocked products before they eat away at your bottom line.

Minimise waste

Automated checking of product expiration dates enables you to save time, but also facilitates discounting initiatives on soon-to-expire products so that this stock is cleared quickly, waste is minimised, and your business is still able to cash in on sales.

Drive repeat business

Keep your customers happy, improve your chances of earning positive online reviews, and drive repeat business by ensuring your most popular products are always available.

Greatest ROI on targeted promotions

By identifying your bestselling products, you can create and propel more targeted promotions for such items to ensure the greatest ROI into advertising activities and a higher rate of sales.

Capitalise on emerging trends

Elevate profits by easily identifying emerging trends and acting quickly to capitalise on these trends (e.g. product sales that are following a steep growth path in the lead up to seasonal events like Black Friday or Christmas).

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"To have clear and long-term visibility of our stock’s status is enormously powerful, particularly in terms of supporting pre-planned commercial decisions that help our profits and the environment, whilst eliminating poor customer satisfaction and perception of our brand. Inventory Analysis delivers on this promise in a very clear, user-friendly way – it’s superb."

Tom Norton

Why choose Inventory Analysis on Zendportal

Optimise stock processes and rapidly scale up your business

Access to in-depth analytics at no additional cost when you join Zendbox

Packed with features specifically designed for eCommerce retailers

User-friendly system that flexes to suit the needs of your business  

Best-in-class training and support to ensure you make the most of its features

Trusted by hundreds of brands to power order fulfilment and sales

Core features:
Inventory Analysis

Optimise stock processes and rapidly scale up your business

Sales performance

View the sales performance – both current and forecasted – by product and date range, providing insight into your most popular products to promote active demand planning. This information is collated from all your eStores to support multi-channel inventory management. 

Bestselling products

A simple breakdown of your bestselling products, which can be used to ensure they are always in stock to maximise sales at every opportunity.

Product batch and expiry date

View expired or soon-to-expire products at a glance so you can proactively promote these items and clear stock before your profits are impacted.


Get reliable replenishment recommendations based on your sales history and various forecasting metrics to avoid stockouts and replenish at the right time to maximise sales, particularly during seasonal events.


Easily identify slow moving and overstocked SKUs – including their overall value – to free up cash.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Inventory Analysis?

Inventory Analysis is an intelligent tool that provides you with complete visibility and control over your products and stock, so that you can make better and more profitable business decisions. The best inventory analysis software will provide real-time inventory data at your fingertips. This valuable information can help you avoid underselling or overselling and maximise every sales opportunity. With Inventory Analysis, businesses can save time, boost profits, and achieve peak performance to dominate the competition.

How do I forecast sales with Inventory Analysis?

Inventory Analysis is designed to provide insightful sales data and performance forecasts for your stock. It does this by using smart algorithms to calculate previous sales performance and, from this information, predicting how many sales are likely to be made during a particular period of time. 

Zendportal’s Inventory Analysis tool provides you with an overview of your current top 10 bestselling products. It will also give you a snapshot of the current available stock and the days left of that stock, based on the real-time sales rate.

Is Inventory Analysis part of eCommerce fulfilment?

Inventory Analysis is not usually offered as part of the eCommerce fulfilment service from traditional 3PL providers. Only premium fulfilment providers like Zendbox offer Inventory Analysis as a standard part of their service.

How does Inventory Analysis work?

Inventory Analysis will check all of your stock and sales data to provide you with information about the performance of your product range. This data can be used to:

  • Predict how products will perform in the future
  • Identify the most popular products
  • Identify overstocked, under-stocked, or expiring products
  • Determine optimal stock levels
  • Categorise products by best and worst performing
How can Inventory Analysis help my business?

Inventory Analysis can change the way you do business forever. With this intelligent tool, you can predict sales, forward plan to reorder from suppliers quickly, seamlessly adapt your promotions and sales cycles, and be more proactive to prevent out-of-stock scenarios. You can also control your product batches and prevent products from going to waste if they have expiry dates.

Can I use Inventory Analysis with a 3PL?

Yes. Any business can benefit from being able to visualise and maintain control over their stock. Inventory Analysis comes as a standard part of the service from premium eCommerce fulfilment providers, so you should assess the market before choosing your ideal 3PL.