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Zendbox offers an award-winning 3PL fulfilment solution designed to optimise your eCommerce operations and boost customer satisfaction, so you can focus on growing your Etsy business.

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There are over 96.3 million active buyers on Etsy, which means you can’t afford to get fulfilment wrong if you want customers returning to your Etsy store. By choosing Zendbox as your Etsy fulfilment partner, you can deliver on customer demand for a fast, accurate, and personalised service that ensures Etsy orders are delivered on time, every time.

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Savings made

“Compared to other 3PL providers that we looked at, Zendbox was the only one that had the technology and facilities that could provide a fast, accurate service fit for an eCommerce operation.”

Luke Brabbin
eCommerce Team Leader

The personal touch for your Etsy orders

We understand that Etsy shoppers want an efficient, personalised service. We can help you bring the personal touch for every order by packing your products using custom packaging and order inserts. From discount vouchers and thank-you notes, to product samples and small gifts, we can pick and pack your Etsy orders exactly as desired to create an unboxing experience that’s worthy of the social media hype.

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Real-time stock levels at a glance

Providing complete visibility and control over the fulfilment process is just one aspect that sets Zendbox apart from an average fulfilment service. Our innovative Zendportal technology – with ground-breaking features like Inventory Analysis – is optimised to help Etsy store owners:

Identify best-performing products to inform product development decisions

Determine where to focus their marketing efforts across their product range

Eliminate the risk of stockouts, particularly during peak trading periods

Tap into every potential revenue stream by viewing sales, in addition to reduction and replenishment opportunities at a glance

Ship your Etsy orders worldwide

When an Etsy order is processed at our world-class fulfilment centres, each stage of the fulfilment process is automatically relayed back to the customer’s Etsy account to keep them up-to-date. Once an order is shipped, your customer receives a notification of when the order will be delivered – down to a two-hour time slot. With real-time tracking information available at your customers’ fingertips, you never have to deal with “Where is my order?” (WISMO) queries again.

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Zendbox can support your omnichannel selling strategy with a whole host of other eCommerce platform integrations besides Etsy. We also integrate with the biggest and most renowned carriers to ship online orders worldwide.

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Take your Etsy shop to the next level

Etsy store owners are reliant on customer reviews and seller reputation. The support of an award-winning 3PL provider offers a slick solution to your Etsy fulfilment needs, resulting in happy customers and 5-star reviews.

Take your Etsy shop to the next level by letting Zendbox pick, pack and ship your Etsy orders. This leaves more time for product development and social media marketing.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Etsy fulfilment work?

Etsy fulfilment can be carried out in-house – meaning you or your team pick, pack, and ship orders yourself – or by outsourcing the process to a 3PL provider. The latter option involves your chosen 3PL provider connecting with your Etsy store. Orders will then be pulled automatically into their system, ready to be picked, packed, and shipped by warehouse operatives at the 3PL’s fulfilment centre. Your Etsy customers are automatically notified and provided tracking information once their Etsy order has shipped.

Who is Etsy 3PL fulfilment for?

Any Etsy store owner can use an Etsy 3PL fulfilment solution, but it is typically sellers that are achieving high order quantities that are able to achieve maximum return for their investment into such a service, which is why it is important to do your research and request a demo first. Etsy 3PL fulfilment is ideal for Etsy store owners who want to scale up rapidly and take advantage of Etsy integrations to meet demand.

Why use Etsy fulfilment?

For Etsy store owners that receive large order volumes and are looking to scale up, outsourcing the Etsy fulfilment process to a 3PL provider can make it easier and more affordable to meet increased demand. It frees up your time and takes the stress out of fulfilling orders in-house, meaning you can devote more attention to other areas of your business such as marketing and product development.

The right 3PL provider will ensure your fulfilment process is as quick, accurate, and cost-efficient as possible without compromising on quality, ensuring that your customers continue to benefit from the best shopping experience on your Etsy store. Furthermore, many 3PLs offer more cost-effective international Etsy shipping, meaning you can expand your earning potential by selling your products to customers beyond the UK, including the EU.

Is Etsy 3PL fulfilment worth it?

The processing of Etsy orders in-house can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention environmentally damaging in terms of waste and excess energy use. Outsourcing the process to a trusted 3PL can extremely worthwhile by enabling you to get your time back, improve the efficiency of Etsy order fulfilment, and ensure a sustainable way of meeting customer demands.

The best 3PL providers combine eCommerce knowledge and experience with automated technology in order to make the Etsy order fulfilment process quick, accurate, and hassle-free, taking care of every aspect with expert efficiency – from picking, packing, and shipping, to inventory management, customer returns, and everything in between.