Gilson Pereira

Marketing Director at Zendbox

Gilson leads the dynamic marketing team at Zendbox in producing highly insightful content designed to help businesses scale up in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. With over 20 years of marketing experience – specialising in social media and online campaigns – Gilson is highly adept at discovering business hacks and providing solutions to impossible problems. 

This talent has seen him develop an extensive background in product development for FMCG brands, creating innovative solutions that are still used by millions worldwide today. It has also driven his success within the SaaS market, covering product development, positioning, market research, and sales strategies. 

Gilson leverages his expertise in web and eCommerce development to help retailers grow and excel within an increasingly challenging online landscape. His energy, positivity, and ingenuity continue to prove an invaluable asset to Zendbox and its growing partnership network.

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