50,000 Brits replicate [.blue]hottest[.blue] Wimbledon tennis fashion trends

August 1, 2022

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Brits have flocked to replicate Kristina Mladenovic’s viral Wimbledon ensemble, with Google searches for white visors, shorts and sports bras reaching an all-time high.

 At Zendbox, we have analysed Google search data to quantify Wimbledon’s impact on Brits' online shopping habits. Wimbledon’s dress code dates back to the tournament's invention, with strict rules on what the players must and must not wear. Outfits that do pass the dress code are eagerly awaited by fans who are keen to see how the players style their interpretations of the all-white uniform.

This year, French tennis player Kristina Mladenovic’s white shorts and sports bra pairing quickly went viral on social media for its contemporary spin on the traditional Wimbledon outfit. And Brits jumped at the chance to recreate it themselves. Google search data illustrated a record number of searches for each of the key items in Kristina’s Wimbledon look. There was a whopping 256% increase in searches for white visors compared to last year, following Kristina’s iconic outfit hitting our screens. This is the highest number of searches for this fashion item, demonstrating the influence of the tennis star’s look.

Similarly, searches for white sports bras and white shorts spiked in June around the tournament, with almost 60,000 Brits looking to buy these items collectively within the past month. We discovered that it wasn’t just Mladenovic’s outfit that was topping search data – several other tennis-inspired clothing items have spiked in popularity over the tournament, suggesting this is the most influential Wimbledon for fashion to date.

Nike wristbands also saw an incredible amount of popularity following this year’s Wimbledon – a 486% increase year-on-year. And the competition hasn’t just impacted clothing choices. It seems many Brits have been inspired to pick up a racket themselves, with searches for tennis courts increasing by 7% compared to the previous Wimbledon – 30,000 UK searches in the first week of July alone.

Commenting on the findings Gilson Pereira, Head of Marketing at Zendbox, said: “Wimbledon is by far one of the most highly anticipated British traditions. Each year, it has a huge impact on the UK, with thousands flocking to the courts or tuning in on TV to watch some of the best tennis players of our time. Many fans also eagerly await to see the outfits worn by both spectators and competitors alike, so it’s no surprise that they have a huge impact on buying habits.

“This year, outfits such as Kristina Mladenovic’s gained massive attention online, and as with most viral trends, undoubtedly led to people seeking to replicate the look themselves. These statistics are testament to the fact that Wimbledon is a hugely impactful phenomenon within the UK on both fashion and lifestyle choices.”

As the eCommerce experts, we at Zendbox keep our ear to the ground for the hottest trends across industries ranging from cosmetics and fashion, to FMCG and sports nutrition. We pass our findings onto online retailers to help them stay informed so that they can better demand forecast and plan, and stay ahead of the competition. Discover more eCommerce insights on our blog hub or request a demo to find out how our 3PL fulfilment solution can support the growth of your business.

Micah George
Marketing Specialist at Zendbox

Micah assists in developing and implementing innovative marketing campaigns that promote the products and services at Zendbox. She also produces articles, eBooks and other useful resources to help online retailers optimise their eCommerce operations and grow their business.

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