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Beating the competition with 3PL fulfilment

Watch how Skinspace gets ahead with 9pm order cut-off time & next-day delivery

Watch the video to learn how Skinspace stands out from competitors and delivers the best shopping experience to its customers with a 9pm order cut-off time and next-day delivery. Supported by a reliable fulfilment service from Zendbox, Skinspace also saves time and costs on handling customer queries, so that more resources can be dedicated to other areas of the business, including marketing.
The Skinspace rates Zendbox
Hours saved per week
Increase Trustpilot score from 3.6 to 4.7
Decrease in customer queries

Key achievements

A faster fulfilment service has streamlined eCommerce operations at Skinspace and elevated the customer experience

hours saved per week
increase in positive reviews
mentioning "fast delivery"
orders dispatched on time

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Prior to Zendbox, Skinspace suffered with a poor fulfilment service from another 3PL provider. The team was spending several hours every day managing customer queries and chasing the 3PL provider regarding incorrectly picked orders and orders that were not dispatched or delivered on time. With no support when it came to inventory, Skinspace also lacked visibility and control over its products, making it harder to accurately demand forecast, reorder from suppliers, and manage stock efficiently. All these challenges combined meant there was less time and resources devoted to growing the business.


Skinspace switched from its previous 3PL fulfilment provider to Zendbox. Customers benefit from ultra-fast, same-day dispatch and next-day delivery, thanks to a late order cut-off time of 9pm and a seamless pick and pack process from Zendbox. The ability to keep its next-day delivery promise enables Skinspace to better compete, maintain its brand value and credibility, and achieve maximum peace-of-mind knowing fulfilment is being handled properly by Zendbox. The enhanced fulfilment service has also saved Skinspace time handling customer WISMO (Where is My Order) queries, freeing up resources to focus on business growth. Furthermore, greater visibility and control over stock through Zendportal means Skinspace can reorder the right amount of stock at the right time to meet demand, making further cost savings for the business.

Restoring peace-of-mind after a poor 3PL experience

Having experienced a poor beauty fulfilment service from other 3PL providers, Skinspace made the seamless switch to Zendbox in March 2020. Charlie Munton – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Skinspace – explains the decision to choose Zendbox as a fulfilment partner:

“With the 3PL providers we’d worked with previously, I was always having to check in at 4pm every day to make sure that orders were being dispatched on time. If not, I’d have to call them and ask why the orders hadn’t been sent out, and that’s a nightmare. It’s hard enough as it is operating within a competitive space, and if you’re not fulfilling what you promised the customer – i.e. if you order by a certain time, it will be dispatched by that time – then you don’t stand a chance.

“Since moving to Zendbox, I never have to worry if orders are going out on time or being picked correctly. I never have a deluge of emails at 5pm from customers asking, ‘Why hasn’t my order been dispatched?’. For the first time, I never have to think about fulfilment because I know it’s being handled properly. Now, my time has been liberated to grow the business and focus on selling higher-value products. I’ve got time to do social media Q&As, speak to new brands, design new email campaigns, and much more.

“If you read our Trustpilot reviews, our customers love the fulfilment – over 95% say that the service is awesome. They absolutely love that side of the business. It’s all about super-fast dispatch, super-fast delivery. Within my space, I’m selling branded goods that aren’t my own, so most of the products can be bought elsewhere. Therefore, one of the only ways I can stand out from the competition is with service, and ensuring that customers receive their order on time, when they want it.”

Managing stock using innovative Zendbox technology

When it came to managing stock, Skinspace lacked support from its previous 3PL provider, which meant Charlie and his team had to work from an Excel spreadsheet to manually predict sales and reorder from suppliers based on these calculations. Charlie says:

“The technology from Zendbox definitely helps me forecast when doing purchase orders from my suppliers. The previous system I used – despite being from one of the bigger fulfilment players – was very antiquated. It displayed stock level information and that was it. Now I use Inventory Analysis on Zendportal to manage slow-moving stock. Quite often, we will stock a new brand product and it’s slow to sell, but we won’t axe it. We’ll simply give it the benefit of some more promotion, upselling and cross-selling to expose customers to that new brand.

“With Shopify, you just see the orders and whilst it shows you what your bestselling item is for that day, it doesn’t provide a complete overview of your stock. You have to dig deep to find out what your slow-moving items are. It’s great to have that visibility from Zendportal.”

“Ultimately, the biggest advantage of working with Zendbox is that I no longer have to think about fulfilment. If you’re an online retailer, distribution must be 100%. You can’t be worrying about whether your orders are going out on time and if your customers are receiving them. You’ve got too much to focus on.”

Charlie Munton
CEO of Skinspace

Visit your chosen 3PL provider

Charlie offers his advice to eCommerce brands that are considering outsourcing their fulfilment operations to a 3PL provider:

“Based on my experience with various 3PL providers that I’ve looked at and have worked with, my advice to anyone looking to outsource fulfilment is to visit the providers. Have a look at the ‘shop floor’ and see what’s going on. Any potential clients of Zendbox will see a very impressive set up. Everything is clean, tidy, and in order, which isn’t always the case in fulfilment centres. You’ll also meet the people behind Zendbox and find out what goes on there.”


Outsourcing order fulfilment to Zendbox means Skinspace can keep its next-day delivery promises to customers. This promotes trust and loyalty among customers, who are ultimately more likely to buy from the brand again in the future. Charlie adds:

“One thing customers rightly expect is for you to fulfil what you’ve said. So, if you offer same-day dispatch by 3pm for next-day delivery and a customer orders at 2.45pm, they will expect their order the next day because that’s what you’ve promised them.

Zendbox is fast and reliable. We see some orders being placed at 7pm and still being dispatched that same day, which is extraordinary. Reliability means that I can make a promise to my customers that I know will be kept.”

Zendbox helped Skinspace achieve:

Faster & more accurate order turnaround
An improved service means there are fewer order errors and delays, which ultimately has a positive knock-on effect with a reduced number of customer complaints and “Where is my order?” (WISMO) queries.
Reduction in customer queries
Skinspace was spending several hours a day managing customer queries and chasing its previous 3PL provider regarding incorrect or delayed orders. Now, there is less strain on the brand’s customer services.
Time savings for the brand
By spending less time on managing customer queries about incorrect or delayed orders, the Skinspace team can focus its time and energy on other areas of the business such as email and social media marketing.
Improved brand credibility
Backed by a faster, more reliable fulfilment service from Zendbox, Skinspace can keep its next-day delivery promises to customers and enjoy greater brand credibility, helping the business stand out from competitors.
More 5-star reviews
Customers of Skinspace are receiving the products they ordered on time and in the condition they expect, which is reflected by an increase in 5-star Trustpilot reviews for the brand.
Happier customers
Delivering the right products on time means happier customers for Skinspace. This is ultimately driving repeat business through the brand’s site, helping to boost revenue.

How Skinspace rates Zendbox

“I can’t fault the service from Zendbox.”
“Orders are packed neatly and safely. We have a lot of breakable items, but we have very little experience of our items being damaged.”
“Read our Trustpilot reviews. It’s all about super-fast dispatch, super-fast delivery.”
“Zendbox is very competitive on price.”
Willing to refer
“I have and continue to recommend Zendbox to lots of people.”
About Skinspace
Skinspace was launched in 2019 by CEO, Charlie Munton, whose goal was to provide a natural online home for new and niche cosmetic brands – many of which have been launched by celebrities, influencers, and the like. Using Shopify, Skinspace sells hundreds of beauty and cosmetic products, including cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, facial creams, lip treatments, sun creams, and more.
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London, UK
3 years

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