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If there is no planet, there is no eCommerce and that's what drives our mission to be sustainably focused

Reducing the impact eCommerce has on planet

All eCommerce businesses, big and small, have an impact on the planet. From the waste they create, energy they use, the production of their goods. We know that as a business owner, you want to reduce your impact on the environment. At Zendbox we share this same sense ensuring our world is looked after.

Reducing the impact eCommerce has on planet

All packaging is recycled and recyclable

When we pack your orders, we ensure that every component we use is not only comes from recycled materials but is also recyclable after it’s been received. All our boxes are FSC certified, we use paper void will and a gummed paper tape. Great for the environment, great for your business!

Zero to waste policy

At Zendbox, we are proud that recycle all waste. That goes for not just the waste we create in our warehouses but we ensure any paper and plastic waste from our office team is fully recycled.

Plant trees

The planting of new tree’s is an exceptional way to reduce and offset the negative impact from the increasing output of carbon deposits. For every customer that joins Zendbox, we plant 50 trees. Our goal is to be directly responsible for planting 50,000 tree’s by 2025.

Reduction in paper use

As a digital first company, we prioritize the use of digital technology that reduces the amount of paper we use daily to print on. We have reduced the amount of documents we print monthly by 250, saving on an annual basis 3,000 of single use paper.

Join The Zendbox Sustainability Efforts

Not only do we make the entire sustainable fulfilment process easier for eCommerce sellers, we also ensure the impact on their environment is minimised.

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BootBuddyCheeky PandaGhost EnergySkinspace beauty and makeup

Zendbox’s service is phenomenal. They successfully dispatched 3,000 units in a 24-hour turnaround time. The team’s service is on par with Amazon’s delivery speeds.

CEO, Boot Buddy

Reduction in tickets
Cut off time

Before Zendbox, it was chaos. Now we’re making smarter fulfilment decisions. It’s like having a whole team of ecommerce experts on hand.

CEO, Julie Chen

Faster deliveries
Sustainable packaging
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We were looking for a solution we could trust. Zendbox provides the stock visibility and security we need.

Managing Director, The Hut Group

Zendbox ticks all the boxes for us. Every order is delivered on time, every time. Which means, more happy and loyal customers for Ghost.

CEO, Ghost

Monthly orders
Annual logistics savings

Our previous 3PL was losing our stock, causing delay to our orders and affecting our margins. Zendbox has completely eliminated these errors for us.

CEO, Skinspace

Accurate orders

Zendbox set their standards very high. They pitch themselves with the best in Europe, and Zendbox's metrics support that. That level of excellence is where we want to be aligned with.

CEO, Mr Tubs

Lightning speed
Accurate fulfilment
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