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How true partnership with Zendbox drives repeat business & growth for Awesome Supplements

Find out how the proactive, collaborative, and customer-centric support from Zendbox means Awesome Supplements benefits from a fulfilment solution that meets their needs at every stage of growth. This ensures the brand can better manage its supply chain and continuously fulfil its promises to customers with a fast, accurate and reliable service.
“Unlike our previous fulfilment provider, Zendbox feels like an extension of our team.”

Charlotte Thompson, Managing Director at Awesome Supplements

Hours saved per week
Increase Trustpilot score from 3.6 to 4.7
Decrease in customer queries

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The reliability of the service from Zendbox gives Awesome Supplements the freedom and peace-of-mind to focus on growth

Savings made from zero inventory shrinkage
Hours saved per week managing stock
Orders dispatched on time
Returning customers

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Before switching to Zendbox, Awesome Supplements faced a series of challenges that impeded their growth trajectory. Unfortunately, their experience with a previous 3PL provider was marked by communication difficulties, damaged goods, stock management issues, and an incapacity to support their desired expansion into the European market. These hurdles not only strained operational efficiency, but also risked damaging the brand's reputation with a poor customer experience.


The solution for Awesome Supplements came through switching to Zendbox as their fulfilment partner. The team's comprehensive approach addressed the shortcomings of the previous 3PL company by offering not only a robust fulfilment solution, but a collaborative partnership where Awesome Supplements was proactively supported from the moment they were seamlessly onboarded and throughout service duration. With the reliability of the processes at Zendbox and the elimination of previous stock and order issues, Awesome Supplements regained the confidence and peace-of-mind to focus on the critical next steps of their growth journey. The partnership has simultaneously optimised their eCommerce operations, elevated the customer experience, and positioned the business favourably for further expansion into new markets.

Exceptional support from a team who understands your business

Building strong, long-standing partnerships is the foundation of Zendbox's mission to deliver exceptional experiences. It is what guides the team of eCommerce experts with their in-depth knowledge of what matters most to Zendbox's partners.

“Unlike our previous fulfilment provider, which felt like an outsourced operation, Zendbox feels more like an extension of our team. Their onboarding process was spot on, and we rarely have any stock issues like we did in the past. The ability to raise a Goods Receiving Order (GRO) on Zendportal is also really useful and eliminates issues we had booking goods into stock with our previous 3PL provider. We were looking to grow as a brand and we knew Zendbox could help with that.”

"Partnering with Zendbox means we never worry about the state of our stock or about orders going out on time. The order turnaround rate has always been 99% or above with Zendbox."

Charlotte Thompson
Managing Director at Awesome Supplements

Attention to detail that supports the growth of your business

Following a turbulent relationship with their previous 3PL provider, finding a fulfilment partner whose attention to detail matched their own was vital for the team at Awesome Supplements, as Charlotte explains:

“The fulfilment provider we were with before Zendbox was a small company that offered a degree of flexibility for our business, but also meant we experienced more challenges. For example, we had a lot of communication issues with the provider. There were also a lot of issues with damages, goods going missing, and goods not being booked into stock – the usual difficulties with that type of 3PL and the need to handle a lot of products. We also wanted to expand into Europe and beyond, which the provider wasn’t capable of doing at the time."


After a string of poor experiences with 3PL providers that were costing the business time, money and reputation, the Awesome Supplements team finally found a fulfilment partner they could rely on in Zendbox.

The partnership has restored the high-quality fulfilment experience that customers have come to expect when they order from the brand, giving Awesome Supplements the freedom to focus on the next step in their growth journey.

With the brand now shipping orders seamlessly and cost-effectively across Europe from one centralised UK location, Charlotte believes the collaborative approach from Zendbox is an important factor for ensuring success with any further expansion plans. She adds:  

“As a small team at Awesome Supplements, partnering with Zendbox means we never worry about the state of our stock or about orders going out on time. The order turnaround rate has always been 9system is very robust and, therefore, gives me a lot of confidence and peace-of-mind. Zendbox is a big fulfilment provider that’s got their act together. I trust their processes and the team is great."

Zendbox helped Awesome Supplements achieve:

Faster order turnaround
The team at Awesome Supplements have complete peace-of-mind knowing that customers are receiving their orders on time, every time.
Zero inventory shrinkage
The integrity of the brand's supply chain has been restored, so Awesome Supplements is no longer losing money from lost or damaged stock.
Time savings for the brand
Having a robust fulfilment operation ensures Awesome Supplements are no longer chasing their 3PL provider regarding stock and order issues.
Expansion into the EU market
The flexible, multi-tier shipping solution from Zendbox enables Awesome Supplements to cost-effectively sell more products across the EU market.
A mutually beneficial partnership
The Awesome Supplements team have the support they need to adapt their eCommerce operations according to what the business needs at each stage of their growth.
Happier customers
Awesome Supplements' customers benefit from a higher-quality service, which ultimately improves customer loyalty and drives repeat purchases month-on-month.
About Awesome Supplements
Awesome Supplements was founded by multi-award-winning nutritionist, coach and bestselling author, Ben Coomber. The company provides its customers with science-driven, awesome-tasting sports nutrition supplements that are 100% plant-based and manufactured in the UK.
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Ipswich, UK
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