Scaling the eCommerce arm of an established brand

How Zendbox helped Ringtons save time & relieve the strain on resources to focus on eCommerce growth

Find out how the well-established tea and coffee brand, Ringtons, saved hours previously managing eCommerce fulfilment by partnering with Zendbox. This collaborative partnership enables Ringtons to maintain an exceptional customer experience, leaving the team free to focus on other business-critical areas.
Ringtons rates Zendbox
“The quality of the service from Zendbox is second to none, delivering orders efficiently.”

Andrew Davison, eCommerce Manager at Ringtons

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Increase Trustpilot score from 3.6 to 4.7
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The efficiency of the service from Zendbox means Ringtons no longer spends hours managing order fulfilment

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Hours saved per week managing fulfilment
Orders dispatched on time

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Ringtons has developed an outstanding, century-long reputation for selling high-quality tea and coffee products direct to consumer and via its wholesale division, Ringtons Beverages. Most recently, consumer demand for Ringtons products increased significantly online, reaching a point where the brand's in-house fulfilment operation became unsustainable. Realising the growth potential of their eCommerce arm, Ringtons sought a more cost-effective, scalable solution.


With a strong ethos around customer care and family values, Ringtons partnered with Zendbox knowing that Zendbox could provide its customers the same high-quality fulfilment experience at a fraction of the cost of continuing to fulfil orders in-house. Ringtons was also confident that Zendbox has the right resources and infrastructure in place to support the brand's continued growth in eCommerce. The efficiency of the service from Zendbox has enabled the Ringtons team to reclaim their time back to focus on growth-driving initiatives.

Relieving the time & cost pressures of fulfilment on your business

Zendbox has always strived to provide the support that eCommerce businesses need to meet demand at every stage of growth. Ringtons eCommerce Manager, Andrew Davison, shares the reasoning for outsourcing fulfilment to Zendbox, rather than maintaining an in-house operation:

Our fulfilment tasks were taking up a lot of management time and resources, so we needed an outside alternative that could do that fulfilment work for us. We chose Zendbox among other options because we developed a good relationship with the team and had the confidence that Zendbox could help us reach our growth potential in eCommerce.

"Zendbox has massively impacted our business because it has solved our problem and freed up our time to perform other tasks. Overall, the quality of the service is second-to-none, delivering orders efficiently."

“Zendbox has massively impacted our business because it has solved our problem and freed up our time to perform other tasks. Overall, the quality of the service is second-to-none, delivering orders efficiently.”

Andrew Davison
eCommerce Manager at Ringtons

Customer care that aligns with your business goals & values

Having fostered an outstanding reputation over a century of successful trading as a family-run business, it was incredibly important for Ringtons to partner with a fulfilment provider that shared the same ethos around high-quality customer care. Andrew explains the value of the collaborative approach from the Customer Experience team at Zendbox:

“To jumpstart our partnership, we gave Zendbox a brief with our key metrics, the type of services we provide and the products we ship. We also had face-to-face meetings to give the team a demonstration of how we operate. We've worked with three team members, including Customer Success Manager, Zoe, who is our main point of contact. We'd be lost without her."
“A major factor in our decision to partner with Zendbox is the team's commitment to customer care, going above and beyond the basics of what we expect from a fulfilment company. Zendbox provides a personalised gift messaging service, for instance, which has been a key element of the customer experience during peak sales periods like Black Friday and Christmas. It's this level of support from Zendbox that helps us deliver on our promises to customers, many of whom recognise Ringtons as a trusted, family-backed business."


The need to maintain the customer experience amongst the need to cost-effectively scale its eCommerce operation and relieve the strain on resources was key in Ringtons' decision to outsource fulfilment to Zendbox. The partnership means Ringtons is in the strongest position to meet demand as they continue to grow and expand their offering.

Andrew comments on the importance of partnership to achieve future business goals:

“We used to spend hours managing order fulfilment but thanks to Zendbox, we have the freedom to put it out of our mind and focus on other areas that will drive growth and enhance the customer experience we at Ringtons pride ourselves on.

"That spirit of always striving to do better for our customers is something that Ringtons and Zendbox share. Zendbox continuously improves its technology and works hard to ensure our service is as cost-effective as possible. It gives us the confidence to plan for our future, knowing Zendbox can support us no matter what we throw at them."

Zendbox helped Ringtons achieve:

Streamlined order fulfilment
The robust processes and technology at Zendbox ensures Ringtons' orders are processed and dispatched efficiently to reach customers in a timely manner.
Cost reductions
Ringtons can provide customers the same high-quality fulfilment experience at a fraction of the cost of fulfilling orders in-house.
Time savings for the brand
The reliability of the Zendbox service means Ringtons no longer spends hours managing order fulfilment, so the team can focus on growth-driving initiatives.
The ability to scale
Ringtons can confidently future plan knowing that Zendbox has the infrastructure to support their scaling eCommerce operations.
More 5-star reviews
As a family business that often relies on word-of-mouth recommendations to drive sales, more 5-star reviews only strengthens Ringtons' long-standing reputation.

How Ringtons rates Zendbox

“Zendbox has massively impacted our business because it has solved our problem and freed up our time."
“The quality of the service is second to none."
"Orders are delivered efficiently."
“Zendbox has delivered everything within budget and at a fraction of the cost of fulfilling orders in-house."
Willing to refer
“I would 100% recommend Zendbox to any business looking to scale their eCommerce operations."
About Ringtons
Ringtons was founded by Samuel Smith in 1907. It has remained a family business since then, producing and selling some of the UK's finest teas, coffees, biscuits, cakes and gifts. Now with 24 locations across the country, Ringtons sells its products online and also supplies products to cafes, restaurants, hotels and workplaces nationwide.
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Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
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