How will Zendbox help guide you through Brexit?

December 23, 2020

At Zendbox, we’ve made it our mission to help businesses through this challenging time, and will be doing everything we can to support you.

We have made changes to Zendportal to accommodate the new information required for trading with Europe. We have added four new mandatory fields in the inventory definitions section:

• An HS tariff code (comm code) field

• A country of origin field

• A fabric content field - this could be the main ingredient or the type of item such as ‘headphones’

• A ‘batch controlled’ yes/no field

If you have any specific questions please contact your Zendbox account manager.

We also expect there will be delays in orders reaching their final destinations during the first part of January due to the additional customs checks required. We will send out updates from shipping providers as and when we receive them.

James Barber
Chief Operations Officer at Zendbox

With an in-depth knowledge of the eCommerce space, James has extensive experience managing logistics across various sectors, including food and drink. His expertise sees him support online retailers in sustainably delivering products that drive repeat custom, boost revenue, and promote growth.

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