Trailblazing Fulfilment Company Helps Retailers Take on Amazon’s Monopoly

March 14, 2024

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Kent-based Zendbox, an eCommerce 3PL, has grown its operations by 300% in the last 12 months, from 20 to 80 employees, and from one to four state-of-the-art fulfilment centres. Zendbox’s leading 10pm cut-off time, sustainable approach, and inventory management & analysis technology give D2C merchants the ability to compete with “eCommerce Goliaths”.

TONBRIDGE, UK, March 2024 - Zendbox is a provider of order fulfilment services to high-growth SMEs, and established brands such as PRIME, USN, Puresport, and fourfive. Processing over three million orders in 2023, Zendbox connects eCommerce businesses’ sales channels, such as Shopify, eBay, and Amazon, with Zendportal, Zendbox’s virtual warehousing, inventory analysis & management technology. This helps retailers streamline their business operations, giving them greater visibility of their supply chain activity.

James Khoury (right), CEO & founder of Zendbox, added:

“Amazon’s dominance over the eCommerce market is almost scary. 44% of all product searches, in fact, start on Amazon. While our clients sell on Amazon, they also face strong D2C competition from the global marketplace. We are proud to be the third-party logistics provider of choice, for retail Davids wanting to take on the Goliaths of eCommerce.
“The global eCommerce fulfilment market is predicted to nearly triple in size by 2030. Therefore, investing in scaling our operations is paramount, for us to capitalise on the expanding market. For our clients, operational investment is essential to giving merchants the technology, and economies of scale they need, to accelerate order processing, enhance customer experience, and minimise overheads.
“We store over 100,000 different FMCG products in our world-class fulfilment centres, totalling 500,000 sq ft of usable space. A technology-driven business, we achieve 99.999% picking accuracy. 99.7% of orders are received and shipped the same day, thanks in part to our new later order cut-off time. This enables SMEs and established brands to square up to Amazon, and offer next-day delivery until 10pm.”

Complete Strength founder, Rob Whitfield, has acquired new customers thanks to Zendbox’s 10pm order cut-off time:

“The majority of our orders will come in of an evening. When we had an earlier cut-off time, we missed out on sales. Now we’ve got a later cut-off time with Zendbox, we get less abandoned carts. We have also noticed customers are shopping with us simply because of the later cut-off time.”
Gilson Pereira
Head of Customer Experience at Zendbox

Resilient and forward-thinking, Gilson is responsible for leading the strategy, planning and execution of our customer experience (CX) goals, liaising with department heads to ensure every team at Zendbox works cohesively to provide our clients a positive and seamless experience across all touchpoints.

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