Prioritising customer retention - simple tips to keep your customers coming back

Chloe Willcox
Content Writer | Zendbox

Page last updated 20 May 2021.

You probably already know that it can cost as much as five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

But when it comes to scaling a business, one of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers is the ability to retain customers.

In fact, with both product choice and consumer expectations on the rise, so is customer disloyalty and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the beauty sector.

So, how exactly do you encourage loyalty as a brand operating in this industry?
How do you ensure you are giving customers a reason to return?
And, how do you increase their lifetime value?

Together with Replyco and Fresh Relevance, we have put together a whole host of best practices and guidance for achieving just that.

In fact, we’ve covered everything from personalising your post-purchase communications, to improving your customer service, right through to optimising your returns process.

We’ve even shared some exclusive insights from beauty brands that have already mastered customer retention.

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